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STORIS, Inc. provides integrated, omni-channel retail software solutions for furniture, bedding, appliance and electronics retailers; and billiards, home fitness, music, and lighting stores. The framework of STORIS is designed to add substantial efficiency across daily operations including Point of Sale, Customer Service, Inventory Control, Merchandising, Accounting, Finance, Business Intelligence, Mobile, and eCommerce. STORIS’ ERP software suite automates thousands of showrooms including some of the prestigious retailers and brands in the industry like Top 100 Furniture Retailers Ethan Allen, Bassett, Ashley HomeStores, Arhaus, American Furniture Warehouse, Mathis Brothers, & W.S. Badcock. Our furniture software provides scalable software solutions and premium services to manage every aspect of your business. With the STORIS Cloud Solution, we provide an affordable subscription service that gives retailers cloud access to our comprehensive software applications. Thousands of small to mid-sized businesses find success running their daily operations with the STORIS Cloud. In addition, the company offers implementation services, such as project management, training, consulting, technical support, and IT training; and upgrade and development services. STORIS, Inc. was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Mount Arlington, New Jersey with an additional research and development office in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

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  • Software, industrial
  • Software for retail chains
  • Information technology (IT) engineering...

Spherecom Enterprises Inc

SphereCom recognizes the important role of information assurance and system security in protecting our nation's vital assets and critical infrastructures. As the world continues to increase its dependency on information technology, the threats posed to an organization's technology increases, thereby placing its entire mission at risk. Information technology systems and data are vulnerable to a wide variety of threats from environmental disruptions, unintentional human errors, equipment failures, and intentional attacks. As cyberattacks continue to grow in frequency and sophistication, organizations must focus on providing adequate information security and a program for managing security risks to their information systems. Recognizing that security requirements are continually transforming in response to an ever-changing environment, SphereCom monitors and participates in government security transformation initiatives. Since the inception of the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), SphereCom has participated in forums such as the Network Security Framework Forum (NSFF), Information Assurance Technical Framework Forum (IATFF), and the Joint Wireless Working Group (JWWG). SphereCom also participates in other transformation initiatives, such as the Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds and provides technical input on a variety of Joint Task Force (JTF) Transformation Initiative documents. To assist customers in securing vital systems and information, SphereCom provides a comprehensive suite of information assurance and system security services

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  • Information technology (IT) security services
  • Information technology (IT) auditing and consulting services
  • Research, general...

Vendita (Vendita)

Vendita is a global technology developer built upon a mission to simplify. Through partnerships with the world’s largest technology companies, like Oracle and IBM, and our customers, we saw the need to make advancing IT innovations more accessible. Our goal is to streamline education, requirements, compliance, procurement, and management. Working toward that goal, we discovered marketplace gaps that our development team – with a unique combination of hardware, software and automation expertise - could fill with cutting-edge solutions that help IT professionals and companies – large and small – adopt efficient and adaptable technologies that drive their businesses forward. Vendita's Database Cloud Server (DCS) is a revolutionary product with seamless software and hardware compatibility, functionality, monitoring, and license management. Beyond our complete server solution offering, we've engineered a game-changing cross-platform automation engine,Master Automation Sequencer (MAS), with capabilities extending beyond Configuration Management Tools and productizing Infrastructure as Code (IaC). In addition to offering all Oracle and IBM products and services, Vendita now provides custom solutions to technology challenges, including Vendita MAS, Vendita DCS, Oracle license management and consulting, as well as technology services that directly relate to Oracle, IBM, and our own product offerings.

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  • Software, systems
  • Software, system administration
  • Software, database and information management...

Petrosoft LLC

Petrosoft transformed the convenience store industry when its founder, a retail operator and engineer, introduced C-Store Office, its cloud-based back-office software solution in 2002. Today, the company designs, develops, and markets end-to-end retail technology, enabling a seamless connection between vendors, forecourt, point-of-sale, made-to-order, back-office, fuel management, network and financial systems. The company continually strives to find innovative ways to enable retail operators to better manage their forecourt, in-store and back-office operations, decreasing risk while optimizing inventory, productivity, sales, profits and margins. The company supports its product line from its headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA and offers services along with a full-menu of training options including on-site, classroom, online and on-demand sessions. Find out more at With nearly 20 years of hands-on experience with owning and operating over 20 convenience stores, Petrosoft provides the best business solutions for c-store operators. C-Store Office back office software is an internet-based back office software solution for retailers such as gas stations and convenience stores. This cost-effective solution delivers powerful c-store automation. The online tools help optimize store inventory, manage costs, control pricing and enhance operations to maintain a tighter control over both fuel and store margins. Fuel-Central is the fuel distribution management software that allows for fuel distribution automation and fuel truck optimization. This in turn maximizes truck utilization, increases driver productivity and optimizes inventory. Petrosoft solutions also include a POS system (SmartPOS), MTO self-service kiosk (Qwickserve) for quick service restaurants, EDI with vendors, and invoice processing solutions.

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  • Enterprise application software (EAS)
  • Software, warehouse management (inventory) and stock control systems
  • Integrated computer systems, cash management and processing...
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