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Industrial subcontractors
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Primet Fluidpower Inc.

Ameron Fiberglass-Composite

Decoma International

Saw Service & Supply Inc.

Annes Variety

Austempurer Inc.

Arndt Organ Supply Co.


D And D Marine Enterprises, Inc.

Precision Stampings

Bob Monnig Industries

Precious Plate

West Side Finishing Co. Inc.

Southwark Metal Manufacturing

Davico Inc.

Industrial Finishing Svc.

Form All Spring & Stamping Co.

Lorain County Automotive Systems, Inc.

Allied Mechanical


Webb Pallet Service Corp.

Medina Blanking Div

Meridian Technologies

Gecom Corp.

Crc-Evans Pipeline International Inc.

Accurate Security Pros, Inc.

Ravenna Pattern & Mfg. Co.

Henry Products Inc.

South Holland Metal Finishing

The Babcock & Wilcox Co.

Atlas Industrial Mfg.

Eckstrom Industries Inc.

Chart Industries, Inc.

Gatto Industrial Platers, Inc.

Precision Gage Inc.

Concept Technology Inc.

Walker Forge, Inc.

Metallon Inc.

Nason'S Lock & Safe Inc.

Induction Services, Inc.

Midwest Finishing Inc.

M-Pact Corp.

Stoll Metalcraft, Inc.

Macomb Sheet Metal Fabricating

Full Vision Inc.

Matthews Gauge Inc.

G S W Manufacturing, Inc.

Medina Plating Corp.

Advanced Drainage Syste...

Spiral Industries Inc.

Artistic Pltg. & Met Finishing Inc.

Moventas Inc.

Inductoheat Inc.

Wildlife Fur Dressing Inc.

Precision Stamping

Able Metallica Svc.

Edwards Equipment Sales Inc.

Production Engineering Corp.

Davis Piano Service

Reckon Plating Inc.

Sun Valley Mercedes Dismantler

Rawac Plating

Westin Automotive Products, Inc.

Rayzist Photomask Inc.

Lane Enterprises Inc.

All-Rite Sheet Metal Inc.

Hall Machine And Wldg. Co. Inc.


Cox Air Systems Inc.


Analytic Stress Relieving Inc.

Sugar Land Locksmith

Metro-Fabricating, Llc

Jackson Saw And Knife Co. Inc.

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