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Textile, clothing, leather and shoemaking machinery and equipment
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Mettler-Toledo International

Dunlap Sales, Inc.

Jackson Machine Co

Petree & Stoudt Assoc. Inc.

The Safety House

International Machinery Sales Inc.

Miller Weldmaster Corp.

American Barmag Corp.

Epic Enterprises, Inc.

Menzel Inc.

Eagle Embroidery

Autobahn Screen Ptg. Eqpt. Inc.

Mayer Textile Machine Corp.

Jakob Mueller America

John D Hollingsworth On Wheels

Probity Products

Apex Advertising

Pantograms Manufacturing Co

Custom Industries Inc.

American Superba Inc.

Diversified Systems

Industrial Microwave Systems

Leoni Engineering Products And Services, Inc

Hermance And Strouse, Inc.


Honor Equipment

Hills Inc.

J J Jenkins Inc.

Mc Intyre & Neal

Shima Seiki Usa Inc.

Biax Fiberfilm

Vatex Promotional Products

Embroidery Etc.

Connor Brothers Machine Co.

Planet Cotton Inc.

Stitch Master Mfg. Corp.

Hicks Tufting Machine Svc. Inc.

Automated Components Intl.

Mac Millin Hydraulic Engrg.


Louis P. Batson Incorpo...


R&R Loopers, Inc.


Mecanex Inc.

Technituft Inc.



Carolina Loom Reed Co.

Venus Magnum Products

Oglethorpe Speedway

Koeberlein Llc


Texlon Plastics

Leesona Corp.

Fab-Con Machinery Devmnt Corp.

Embroidery Graphix (Previously Uniforms Inc)

Uniwave Inc.

Mayer Industries Inc.

Ron Lee Inc.

Tks Usa

Atkins Machinery

Brintech, Inc.

Shannock Tapestry Looms

Harrell Machinery Sales

Shelter Cove Embroidery Co.

Briggs Shaffner Co.

Thavenet Mach. Co. Inc.

Asset Recovery Specialists

Bmb Enterprises Inc.

Siegi Inc.

Haas Factory Outlet

Chattanooga General Svc.

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