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Ink Enterprises Inc.

Bevis Rope

Handmade By Mer

Quiltcraft Industries Inc.

Custom Rope

Above Beyond Balloons Inc.

Caribbean Custom Canvas Inc.

Better Backers Inc.

Weavetec Inc.


Fire Water Restoration Llc

Integrity Medical Devices Inc. (Del)

Memorial Village Cleaners

Copen Associates, Inc.

Larry D Mays

Fabpro Oriented Polymers Llc

Hoover Canvas Products Co.

Hanesbrands Inc.

Western Nonwovens, Inc.



American & Efird Inc.

Quality Cleaners

Urps Metal Co.

Bsn Sports Inc.

Delaware Valley Shippers Inc.

John Ritzenthaler Co.

Synthetic Textiles Inc.

Gardener Easy Products Inc.


Superior Cleaners Ii

Stahlsac, Inc.

Fruita Laundromat

Embroiders Guild Of America

Plantation Patterns

Kaleidoscope Imprints

Commercial Bag & Supply Co.

Habu Textiles

Amci Finance

Hot Springs Awning

Idaho Sewing For Sports Inc.

Ptm Inc.

Nine Iron Studios Inc.

Warp Processing Inc.

Triangle Cleaners



Albany International Corp.

Nuuanu Laundry

Classic Quilting

Ohi Automotive Of America

S & H Representatives & Associates, Inc

Wallace Cordage Co.


Modern Screen Printers

Dundee Castings Co.

York Imp. Plastic

Westpoint Stevens Inc.

Meritex Llc

Express Carpet Care

Wyndmoor Industries Inc.

Concept Prints Inc.

Gerli Co. Inc.

National Nonwovens

Robison Anton Textile Co

Romex Textiles Inc.

Orange County Sand Bagger

Clean Energy Maintenance Co. Inc.

Boatswain'S Locker Inc.


Active Knitwear Resources Inc.

Anderson Fabrics Inc.

Pro-Maintenance Inc.

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