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Beyondtech, Inc

In Beyondtech we focus on connectivity by providing the fastest and most efficient products in a world that is everyday more interconnected. Our clients deserve outstanding solutions, which is why our concern is not only in providing quality products but also guaranteeing their endurance and reliability.We trust that the near future of networks and connectivity is in fiber optics. Our goal is that every patchcord, pigtail or coupler that we supply goes beyond our customers demands. As a result, they comply and exceed the EIA/TIA568 and IEC/ISO11801 telecom standards. We manufacture with confidence. Our clients deserve it.Our copper wires are ideal for maintaining backwards compatibility and legacy in older devices. Based on the importance of this, we deliver to our costumers a superior product elaborated with the finest materials that undergo rigorous quality testing. Through our telecom solutions, we can assure the efficiency and durability of everything we provide. Beyondtech Contact: Open and Worldwide We are focused on providing the foundations for the telecommunication industry and to do this we are going worldwide - by increasing assets and investment we have upgraded our local professional sales & customer service team in Spain and LatAM providing the best and professional support for all our clients.At Beyondtech, we strive to develop partnerships with our clients, by focusing on the unique requirements of our U.S customer we constantly expand our products and solutions with inspiring innovations. We offer the broadest line of interconnection and constancy strive to become the best supplier in our industry.Our HQ are in Florida, in the south of the United States from here we maintain our B2B solutions, support and the ability to export to many Latin American countries with one clear objective: Offer the best possible solution for your fiber optics projects, with the best in business delivery times.

Supplier of:

  • Computer cable assemblies
  • Ethernet network cable assemblies
  • Furniture for computers...

Consolidated Cordage

Manufactures #1 Specification Commerical & Military Spec 1/64"-6" Dia Rope, Cord, Bungee, Lacing Tapes, Twine, Narrow Fabrics and related assemblies Aircraft Interior Cargo and Stowage Nets Aerostat Mooring, Flying and Tether Lines Aeronautical Parachute Cords Aircraft Evacuation system assemblies Aircraft Rescue, Cargo and Interior Assemblies Apparel Cords, Ropes, Twines & Narrow Fabrics Aeronautical Bungee+Shock cords Cargo, Climbing, Fall Protection and Barrier Nets Circuit Board, Motor, Transformer + Engine Wiring harness lacing tapes Depressurization Emergency Door Assemblies Ejection Seat components + assemblies Electrical Lacing Tapes and Wiring Harness Lines Evacuation, Rescue and Ejection components Expandable Cable and Wire Harness Sleeving FAST Evacuation & Descent Ropes Fuel Cap cover assemblies High Temperature Harnessing Lines Hoisting & Harness Slings Landing Gear fail safe backup assemblies Lanyards, Nets, Slings and related assemblies Motor and Engine Lacing Tapes and Starter Cords NFPA Static, Dynamic and Fire Retard Kernmantle ropes Night Vision Goggle cords Parachute Lines Paratroop Anchor Cable retainer assemblies Rescue and Evacuation assemblies Safety + Personnel Lines & Nets Shot Line-International Orange Stator Motor lacing tapes Suspension Line, Nylon cord Stowage and Debris Nets and Assemblies Tarp Lines and Assemblies Training Course Climbing Nets and Rappelling Lines Wireless Electronic Products Wiring Harness + Electrical Lacing Tapes Wire + Cable Harness Expandable Sleeving Wire Rope and Aircraft Cable and Related Items

Supplier of:

  • Textiles
  • Twine
  • Cordage and ropes
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