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Metal pipework, valves and containers
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Green Supply Co. Inc.

Interstate Specialty Products

Chattanooga Boiler And Tank


Wolff Brothers Supply Inc.

Mueller Brass

Dyna-Flo Inc.

Western Pneumatic Tube Co.

J-Tec Products

Global Impressions Inc.

Buckeye Fabricating Co.

Abtrex Industries Inc.

Midwest Sealing Products Inc.

Stone Valley Welding



Thermoseal Inc.



Husco International

Phoenix Container

Chart Energy Chemicals Inc.

Correct Construction

Arrow Valve Co.

Vest Inc.

Industrial Pipe Fittings

Morehouse-Huber Inc.

G F Cole Corp.

Boss Metal Fabricators Inc.

American Delphi Inc.

All-Tex Pipe & Supply Co.

American Excelsior Co.

Heat Exchanger Design, Inc.

Demptos Napa Cooperage

G E Mathis Co.

Lancaster Tanks & Steel Prods.

State Supply Co. Inc.

Pipe-Valves Inc.

F Delta Corp.

Hieter Industries

Maguire Iron Inc.

Greif Inc.

James Steel Tube Co.

Sos Products

Kilsby-Roberts Co.


Silgan Containers Corp.

Tube Fabricators Inc.

Firestone Polymers Llc

H L Claeys & Co.

V&M Star

Rivercap Usa


Stepp Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Stockham Valves & Fittings

Husker Steel

Cascade Gasket & Mfg. Co. Inc.

SEPCO - Sealing Equipment Products Co., Inc.

Boss Seals

Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Corp.

Alfa Laval Inc.

Flare Fittings Inc.

Apco-Valve & Primer

Hancor Inc.

Automatic Switch Co. Inc.

Johnson Packings

Poly Cam

Advanced Drainage Syste...



Kiser Controls Co.

Thermally Engineered Mfd. Products Inc.

R. B. Fittings & Flanges

Helser Industries

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