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DFT, Inc.

DFT® is a Manufacturer of Industrial Check Valves and Control Valves used in Oil & Gas Production, Gas Transmission, Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Waste/Waste Water, Food & Beverage and many other industries. DFT Inc. manufactures world class, problem solving, in-line, axial flow, nozzle style silent check valves and severe service control valves. We provide cost effective application engineering assistance, rapid prototyping and fast-turn initial production. DFT engineers design products using the latest CAD, FEA and CFD design technology software. Our staff responds quickly and our systems are designed to deliver reliably within our ISO9001-2008 quality management system. For more than seventy years DFT has solved check valve problems, prevented check valve failure and water hammer, and solved severe service control valve problems. DFT® began in 1943 with a customer's need for a small, metal-seated check valve that could be installed in any position while providing tight shut-off. The Basic-Check® valve was developed to satisfy that need. Over the following decades, other customers' needs led to the development of the ALC®, BNC™, DLC®, DSV®, Excalibur®, FBC®, GLC®, PDC®, SCV®, WLC®, and Y-Calibur® styles of axial flow, non-slam, silent check valves. Each of these DFT® in-line check valves addresses the particular needs of today’s customer. DFT’s objective is to diagnose check valve problems, provide solutions and prevent failures. DFT has learned by listening to customers like you that each industry has special needs that can exceed other check valve designs. We specialize in providing in-line check valves that meet customer requirements as opposed to simply meeting line size. In some cases, minor modifications to our valves have solved customer problems while improving performance and extending service life. The Check Valve Doctor™ continues to grow as a result of satisfying these needs and solving problems, supported by quick response manufacturing and relentless quality control. That’s why DFT non-slam check valves are known around the world as the valve to use to prevent or eliminate water hammer problems. Whatever your size, pressure or piping configurations, DFT has a check valve for you. For further information on all DFT’s Non-Slam, Silent Check Valves and Severe Service Control Valves visit our website, email us at, or by phone 1-800-206-4013.

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