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Chemical industry plant and equipment
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Atlas Copco North America Llc

Infolab Inc.

Solexa Inc.

Sartorius North America Inc.

Handylab Inc.

Wasson Ece Instrumentation

Neil O. Anderson

Abbott Hematology Diagnostics

Pacline Corp.

Metrolaser Inc.

Titan International Usa Inc.

Digital Infrared Imaging

Biologics Inc.

Bond Fluidaire Inc.


Life Sciences International

Coy Laboratory Products, Inc.

Glen Mills Inc.

Opti Medical Systems, Inc.


Perkinelmer Life And Analytical Sciences

L F Systems Corp.

Park Scientific Inc.

Phenomenex Inc.

Pls Pacific Laser Systems Llc


F Delta Corp.

Buck Scientific Inc.

Caron Products & Svc. Inc.

Brandel Inc.

Private Corp. Bio Data

Bbc Biochemical Corp.

Pickering Laboratories

Lifeloc Technologies Inc.

Lomir Biomedical Inc.

Rheonix, Inc.

Rheodyne Llc

Exakt Technologies Inc.

Aadco Instruments Inc.

Essen Instruments Inc.

New England Laboratory Casewrk

Appropriate Technical R...

Flow Sciences, Inc.

Hf Scientific, Inc.

Lab Fabricators Co.

Scientemps Inc.

Ancare Corp.

CP Lab Safety

Walker Scientific Inc.

Inland Vacuum Industries, Inc.

P S Analytical

Sopka Inc.

Rainin Instrument Llc

Goodman Plumbing

Thermo Electron Corp.


Shupper-Brickle Equipment Co (Inc)

Workplace Systems Inc.

National-Spencer Inc.

Entech Instruments Inc.

Idex Health Science Llc

Handy Geotechnical Instruments

Genvault Corp.

Womack Machine Supply Co.

Southern Diagnostics Labs

Winters Eletro-Optics Inc.


Arcturus Engineering Inc.

Epoxyn Products

Soltec Corp.

Quincy Lab Inc.

Masstech, Inc.

Covaris, Inc.

Dymax Corporation

Rad. Elec. Inc.

R G Hansen & Assoc.

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