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Electronic equipment. Telecommunications equipment
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Geometric Circuits Corp.

Colorado Video

East Texas Integrated Circuits


Vinland Corp.

Parker Hydraulic Systems Div

Shunyata Research Corp.

Teledyne Technologies Inc.

Protoline Inc.


Raco Mfg. & Engineering Co.

Gai-Tronics Corp.

Simplicity Tool Corp.

Dei Services Corp.

Adex Electronics

Kelly Space & Technology Inc.

Nortel Networks Inc.

Surya Electronics Inc.

Lam Research Corp.

Coast Magnetics

System Planning Corp.

Wire Pro Inc.

Acr Electronics Inc.

Southern Importers And Exporters Inc.

Addison Technology Inc.

Hollotek Solutions Inc.

Endicott Interconnect Technologies Inc.

Vtl Amplifiers Inc.

Sweetwater Sound Inc.

Capsonic Group

Sychip Inc.

Carlton Industries Corporation, CIC ( )

Littelfuse Inc.

Circuit Reproduction Co.

Applied Geo Technologies Inc.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions

American Superconductor...

Comelec Services Inc.

Producto Electric Corp.

Integral Vision, Inc.

Silicon Power Corp.

Giovanni Fernandez

Pinner Wire & Cable Inc.

Lockheed Martin Corpora

Tel.-Conn Manufacturing, Inc.

Emco-Tec Inc.

Maxim Integrated

Packing House Svc.

Quatech Inc.

Diversified Product Development

Gloria Duchin Inc.



Agile Rf Inc.

Comptrol Inc.

Busch Semiconductor Vac

Gruber Industries Inc.

Silicon Hills Design Inc.

Conxall Corp.


Virginia Diodes Inc.

Fei Communications Inc.

Circuit Connections

Symprotek Co.

Eureka Electrical Products, Inc.

Global Innovation Corp.

Fidelity Technologies Corp.

Riverstar, Inc.

Bg. Tech America Inc.

A.B.C. Fabricators, Inc.

Centent Co.

Eaton Corp.

Electro-Mechanical Supply Co.


Connect Group Inc.

Bicron Electronics Co

Seacon Marsh & Marine Llc

Hawley Products Inc.

Lba Technology Inc.

Aeroquip Corp.

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