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Allwin21 Corp.

Allwin21 Corp. is the exclusive licensed manufacturer of AG Associates Heatpulse 610 Rapid Thermal Process tool. We are manufacturing the new AccuThermo AW Series Atmospheric and Vacuum Rapid Thermal Processors. Compared with traditional RTP systems, Allwin21’s AccuThermo AW RTPs have innovative software and more advanced temperature control technologies to achieve the BEST rapid thermal processing performance (repeatability, uniformity, and stability) with decades of research directly applicable to ours.We focus on extending product lifecycle, providing solutions, and engineering enhancements to RTP,Sputter,Plasma Asher,Descum,Etcher semiconductor process equipment most directly related to III-V processing. These OEM semiconductor equipment have been used in production and R&D since the 1990′s. They have proven processes and research. Allwin21 Corp. can customize these OEM systems with Allwin21′s comparable integrated process control system with PC, solid robotic wafer transfer system, and new critical components. This is to achieve the goal of giving our customers a production edge, with right cost, and without having to worry about obsolete parts. Main Products:Rapid Thermal ProcessAccuThermo AW410AccuThermo AW610AccuThermo AW810AccuThermo AW820AccuThermo AW610VAccuThermo AW820V Sputter DepositionAccuSputter AW4450Perkin Elmer 4400Perkin Elmer 4410Perkin Elmer 4450 Plasma Ash/DescumAW-105RAW-1008AW-B3000 Plasma Etch/RIEAW-2001RAW-901eRAW-903eRTTW AW-901eRTTW AW-903eR Metal Film MetrologyAWgage-150AWgage-200 Upgrade Kits for:Perkin-Elmer 4400Perkin-Emler 4410Perkin-Emler 4450Perkin-Emler 2400Heatpulse 210Heatpulse 410Minipulse 310Heatpulse 610Matrix 105Matrix 106Matrix 205Matrix 303Matrix 403Tegal 901eTegal 903eGasonics 1000Gasonics 2001Gasonics 3000Gasonics 3010Gasonics L3510Lam AutoEtch 490Lam AutoEtch 590Lam AutoEtch 690Lam AutoEtch 790Branson/IPC 3000Branson/IPC 2000Branson/IPC 4000

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  • Production machinery for the electronics industry
  • Semiconductor manufacturing machinery and equipment
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