Companies - Felt, felted fabrics and their products - United States

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Troy Sunshade Co.

The Warm Co.

Habu Textiles

Colortex Usa Llc

Singing Bird


Pioneer Fibers Inc.

John Matouk & Co.

Lern Liebers Usa Textile Inc.

Guilford Of Maine Marketing Co.

Specialty Textiles Inc.

Universal Textile Technologies

Wendell Fabrics Corp.

Warp Processing Inc.

Deccofelt Corp.


Darco Southern Inc.

Hurd Enterprises

North Shore Recycled Fibers

Boston Felt Co.

Hebron Textile Corp.

Unidos Textile

Kaslen Textiles

Free Form Fibers Llc

Mcmurray Fabrics

Paschall Export-Import Co., Inc.

Poltex International Inc.

North Georgia Textile Supl. Co.

Carlee Corp.

H Z Harvest Usa Inc.

Firestone Fibers Textiles Coco

Lincoln Fabrics Ltd.

Murdock Webbing Co. Inc.

Sfo Impact Inc.

Textum Inc.

Textile Trade Usa Inc.

Clarence House

Hilden America Inc.

Better Backers Inc.

Global Textile & Accessories


Elastic Cord And Webbing

Gladwyne Textiles Inc.

Sign Express

Cellusuede Products Inc.

National Nonwovens

Fp Woll & Co.

Creative Textiles Inc.

Go Textile

Hometec Upholstery Mfg.

Ian Herzog A Professional Corp.

Empirical Manufacturing Co.

Stoney Creek Collection

Carr. Textile Corp.

Buffalo Felt Products Inc.

Hatteras Hammocks

Dalco Nonwovens

Robison Anton Textile Co

Slosman Corp.

Cedar Valley Fabrics Co.

American Accessories Trims

Carey Wiping Materials Corp.

Elden Industries Corp.


Lashcon Inc.

Carolina Mop


Active Foam Products I

Basalt Specialty Products, Inc.

Keyston Brothers

Skyline Center Inc.

Romex Textiles Inc.

Toyobo Kureha America Ltd.

Consolidated Textile Svc. Inc.

Thrace-Linq Inc.

Stein Fibers Ltd.

Specialty Fabrics & Converting

Dundee Castings Co.

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