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Kisters Kayat Inc.

Mettler-Toledo International

Protocall Business Staffing

Dewalt Inc.

International Process Plants, IPP

Eastern Instrument Labs Inc

Custom Plastic & Wood

Able Energy Corp.

Michigan Manufacturing International, Inc.

Parkinson Technologies Inc

Miller Weldmaster Corp.


Renco Corporation, Renco

Laserlinc Inc.

Freund-Vector Corp.

International Indus. Pdts. Corp.

Hai Tech Lasers, Inc.

Pioneer Plastics Inc

Manley Equipment

Bay Plastics Machinery

ARCO Silicone

Met-Chem, Inc

L&M General Trading LLC, LMG ( )

Baumer of America, Inc. (Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG)

Air and Liquid Systems

Exonic Polymers Inc, Exonic Polymers (Exonic Polymers)

Vortex Liquid Color

RGE Group

B&P Littleford

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