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Basic metal products
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Kester Inc.

L. J. Die Casting

Inland Empire Utilities

Psc Metals

Northland Casting Corp.

Midwest Metal Forming

Cimarron Energy Inc.

Coral Steel & Supply Co.

High Performance Tube Inc.

Duval Group Ltd.

Insteel Wire Products

Auburn Foundry Co.

Comal Iron & Metals

Brenner Mach. Co.

Jamestown Bronze Works Inc.

American International Foundry

Aztec Manufacturing Co.

National Strand Products Inc.

Craft Cast.

Metal Integrity Llc

Loeb Industries Inc.


Jet Parts Engineering, Inc.

Bimac Corp.

Southeastern Foundries Corp.

Willoughby Industries Inc.

Nisshin Automotive Tubing Llc

Tl. Becker Corporartion

Alliance Castings Co. Llc

Aurora Metals Division, ...

S & T International Inc.

Atchison Casting

Jonesboro Tool And Die Co. Inc.


Accurate Precision Wire Inc.

Twin City Die Castings

Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc.

Wickeder Steel Co. Inc.

Quality Cast. Metals Inc.

Enterprise Foundry Inc.

Hamburg Manufacturing Inc.

Jet Engineering, Inc.

Custom Metal Shearing Inc.


Bar Processing Corp.

Dietech Industriies

W. Silver

Plymouth Tube Co.

Five Star Refiners Inc.


Fast Bolt Corp.

Eastern Metal Supply Inc

Mcconway & Torley

Alcan Automotive Llc

Spx Corp.

Bixby Fabco

Pdm Steel Svc. Ctr.

Ryder-Heil Bronze Inc.

Kroot The Corp.

Spantek Expanded Metal

Worthington Steel Co.

Southwestern Die Casting Co.

Bay Tank And Fabricating Co.

Tampa Brass & Aluminum Corp.

Williamsport Foundry Co., Inc.

American Rotors Inc.

Stokes Steel Treating Co.

Radiation Protection Products

Paco Steel

Multi-Cast Corp.


Aluminum Extruded Shapes


Vitco Steel Supply Corp.

Power Mount Energy

Albco Sales Inc.

Astro Shapes Inc.

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