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Basic metal products
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Clairon Metals

Cincinnati Steel Products Co.

Ontario Extrusion

Deco Products Co.

Custom Metal Crafters

Midwest Metal Forming

Grede Foundries, Inc.

Mount Vernon Iron Works Llc

American Rotors Inc.

3point Machine Inc.

Rollform Of Jamestown Inc.

Steel Technologies Inc.

Nucor Steel Of Auburn Inc.

Charron Metals Corp.

Federal Metal Co.

Northern Steel Castings Inc.

Elixir Industries


Alcast Foundry Inc.

Dura-Bilt Products Inc.

Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc.

Ten Point Trim

L E Jones Co.

Garfield Refining

Wayne Steel Supply Inc

Metalcraft Of Mayville Inc.

T H Mfg. Inc.

Consolidated Steel Serv.

Heraeus Inc.

Doncasters Precision Castings


Parker Hannifin Corp.

Keith Marine Inc.

Northrop Grumman Corp.

Perma-Cast. Co.

Cincinnati Cold Drawn Inc.

United Wire

Amite Foundry & Machine Inc.

Accurate Precision Wire Inc.

Wellman Dynamics Corp.


Plymouth Tube Co.


Ward Production Machine

Rome Strip Steel

Agave Wire Ltd.

F K Pattern Foundry Co.


Cadillac Casting Inc.

Paramount Sales Co. Inc. (H Q)

Abington Metals Refinery & Mfg.

Future Alloys Inc.

Calidad Inc.


Climax Molybdenum Co.

Kivort Steel Inc.

Drake-Williams Steel Inc.

De Menno-Kerdoon

Intech Pm Stainless Inc.

Fabri-Tech Inc.

North Shore Manufacturing Corp.

Prospect Foundry Inc.

Spectrum Diversified Designs


Oak Steel Supply Co.

Danko Arlington, Inc.

Metals Usa

Dongbu Usa Inc.

Precision Detroit Compa


Culox Technologies Inc.

Heat Treating Technologies Inc.

Monett Steel Castings Inc.

Crown Cork & Seal


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