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Epy Industries, Inc.

Bales Mold Service Inc.

A & H Duffy Polishing & Finishing

Lee Quigley Co. The

Williams Tooling & Manufacturing Inc

Clean Science Inc.

Burlington Engineering Inc.

Crc Chrome Corp.

Color Works Inc.

Cadillac Plating Corp.

Boyles Snyder Co. Inc.

Alert Plating Co.

Greystone Of Virginia

Ft. Wayne Anodizing

Curtis Metal Finishing Co.

Reliance Finishing

Concept Industries

Semper Quality Industries

Roll Coater Inc.

Chem Plate Industries

G A R Finishing Co.

Greensboro Industrial Platers

Van Nuys Plating Inc.

Armoloy Southeast Inc.

Enclosures Inc.

American Electro Products Inc.

Coast Plating Inc.

Millennium Engine Plating

Barnes Metal Finishing Inc.

Ara Technology

K & I Hard Chrome Inc.

Technifinish Inc.

Neo Industries

Aero Dynamics Inc.

Georgia Plating Inc.


Cascade General, Inc.

C & R Plating Corp.


Sun Valley Metal Refinishing

Transcend Corp.

Detroit Chrome

Accurate Metal Finishing Corp.

Sullivan Precision

Auto Anodics Co.

Dimad Abrasive Finishing

Santa Clara Plating Co. Inc.

Caswell Inc.

Colors Inc.

American Plating Co.-Texas Ltd.

Electro Prime Group Llc

Magma Finishing Corp.

Perfection Plating

Southwest Metal Finishing

Midwestern Anodizing Corp.

Twr. Service Corp.

Tri State Plating & Polishing

Blue Streak Finishers Ltd.

Allied Mechanical

American Plating Power ...

Joe'S Plating Service

Quality Control Plating

Skills Inc.

Plymouth Plating Inc.

Grand River Polishing

Grand Northern Products Ltd.

M I S Inc.

Universal Brass Inc.

Electro-Coatings Of Iowa


Electro Coatings California

Stainless Micro Polish Inc.

Ace Metal Refinishers Inc.

Chrome Deposit Corp.

Kryler Corp.

Lnl Anodizing

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