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Able Software

Nextsource Inc.

Lenel Systems International, Inc.

Jagged Peak

Decilog Inc.



Secure Computing Corp.

Renaissance Learning Inc.

Su Enterprise

Qnx Software Systems

Clarus Corp.

Esker, Inc.

Access Integrated Technologies Inc.

Symantec Corp.

Turbotools Corp.

Pulse Systems Inc.

On Target Performance Systems

Smartsignal Corp.

Clarabridge, Inc.

Iron Traffic

Tibco Software, Inc.


Alom Technologies Corp.

Telescript West

Cyma Systems Inc.

J. A. Thomas & Assoc.

MindChip Industries (Detroit WordPress Developer)

Midway Food Market


Arcad Software

Datair Employee Benefit Systems Inc.

Ndsj High School

Advansoft International Inc.

Gautier Academy Child Development

Decision One

Kronos Talent Management Inc.

Cape Systems Group Inc.

Cobra Technologies Inc.

Micro-Mainframe Consult...

Mcafee, Inc.

Netwitness Corp.

Emlogis Inc.

M D Logic


Eportation, Inc.

Lnk Enterprises

Freemont Avenue Software Inc.


Openpages, Inc.

Expandable Software, Inc.

Philtek Power Corp.

Global Executive Talent

Objective Interface Systems, Inc.



Advanced Technologies

Calibrus, Inc.

Activcard Corp.

M/Pf. Research, Inc.

Answerthink, Inc.

Dominion Leasing Software

Visaer Inc.

Aviareps Inc.

Solar Systems

Proteus Technologies Ll

Meta Pharmacy Systems Inc.

Vendita (Vendita)


It & Eglobal Inc.

Cosmopro West Inc.

Agama Systems Inc.

Verint Systems Inc.

Hawthorne Software Engineering

Focus Enhancements Inc.

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