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Vendita (Vendita)

Vendita is a global technology developer built upon a mission to simplify. Through partnerships with the world’s largest technology companies, like Oracle and IBM, and our customers, we saw the need to make advancing IT innovations more accessible. Our goal is to streamline education, requirements, compliance, procurement, and management. Working toward that goal, we discovered marketplace gaps that our development team – with a unique combination of hardware, software and automation expertise - could fill with cutting-edge solutions that help IT professionals and companies – large and small – adopt efficient and adaptable technologies that drive their businesses forward. Vendita's Database Cloud Server (DCS) is a revolutionary product with seamless software and hardware compatibility, functionality, monitoring, and license management. Beyond our complete server solution offering, we've engineered a game-changing cross-platform automation engine,Master Automation Sequencer (MAS), with capabilities extending beyond Configuration Management Tools and productizing Infrastructure as Code (IaC). In addition to offering all Oracle and IBM products and services, Vendita now provides custom solutions to technology challenges, including Vendita MAS, Vendita DCS, Oracle license management and consulting, as well as technology services that directly relate to Oracle, IBM, and our own product offerings.

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