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Spherecom Enterprises Inc

SphereCom recognizes the important role of information assurance and system security in protecting our nation's vital assets and critical infrastructures. As the world continues to increase its dependency on information technology, the threats posed to an organization's technology increases, thereby placing its entire mission at risk. Information technology systems and data are vulnerable to a wide variety of threats from environmental disruptions, unintentional human errors, equipment failures, and intentional attacks. As cyberattacks continue to grow in frequency and sophistication, organizations must focus on providing adequate information security and a program for managing security risks to their information systems. Recognizing that security requirements are continually transforming in response to an ever-changing environment, SphereCom monitors and participates in government security transformation initiatives. Since the inception of the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), SphereCom has participated in forums such as the Network Security Framework Forum (NSFF), Information Assurance Technical Framework Forum (IATFF), and the Joint Wireless Working Group (JWWG). SphereCom also participates in other transformation initiatives, such as the Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds and provides technical input on a variety of Joint Task Force (JTF) Transformation Initiative documents. To assist customers in securing vital systems and information, SphereCom provides a comprehensive suite of information assurance and system security services

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  • Information technology (IT) security services
  • Information technology (IT) auditing and consulting services
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