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Hughes Brothers Inc

General info: The Hughes family has been in the construction business for over 80 years and five generations. In 1927, Murtaugh Hughes developed a sand and gravel mining operation along the Penobscot River in the community of Hampden, just a few miles from the greater Bangor and Brewer region. Murtaugh died unexpectedly from a heart attack while visiting Augusta for a project bid that same year. His wife Clara was left with seven children including two sons, Carlton and Edward. Carlton and Edward worked the business to support the family. Edward Hughes operated the firm for 45 years and over time was joined by four of his own sons Edward II, Richard, William, and Paul. While all the boys worked beginning as early as 10 years of age, William was pulled out of high school in 1948 and put to work full time. In 1941, the company started its concrete business, using the railroad and trolley cars to transport bagged cement to the batch plant. After World War II, cement could then be trucked from Thomaston and technology began to change the truck, equipment, and construction industry. The company invested in larger mixers and aggregate processing equipment and began expanding in a busy economy. The business flourished expanding from 10 people in the early 50's to 30 people by the early 70's. The boys took over the firm after their father's retirement in 1972. While the eldest son, Edward II pursued a medical doctorate, and Richard pursued other passions, two of his sons, William and Paul continued to operate the firm for over 30 years. Hughes Bros. expanded its gravel and stone resources by acquiring other gravel pits in Glenburn, Hampden and Newburgh, and a large-scale gravel pit in Winterport. The Winterport pit has been developed into one of the best aggregate resources in the area. Sons of Dr. Edward Hughes, William, and Paul joined the firm playing an integral part of operations and expansions. In the 1980 s, the company further expanded to include full-scale earthwork contracting and expanded their fleet of equipment to include state of the art earthmoving equipment. The excavation activities in Hampden were discontinued and replaced with major material stockpiles, trucking aggregates from the Winterport Pit that contained millions of yards of valuable aggregate materials. The riverfront areas in Hampden were refurbished to respond to changing environmental trends and regulations, and in efforts to become a part of an environmentally friendly community. The business was filled with bright and talented people, who make what Hughes Bros. is today. The business has grown to a talented and committed team including managers, skilled equipment and plant operators, concrete experts, project managers, supervisors, engineers and staff, accounting for over 40 people. Paul died unexpectedly in 2005, and today, William and his son Peter continue to operate the business. Edward Hughes III manages the concrete plant. Peter has over 30 years in construction expertise and Ed has over 30 years of concrete expertise. Peter s sons also work at the firm.

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