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Reference : 0004383501

Classification: Spare parts and accessories for electric rotary machines and converters

United States

October 27, 2021

Relay for Coil 24V- 3 pins 3.00 PCS Maker : KOMPASS Voltage : 24V pin : 3 pins
Reference : 0004382191

Classification: Information technology (IT) hosting services

United States

October 25, 2021

Hello, This is to make an enquiry about the availability of the below from in stock; 1.Wifi and Networking * Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC Lite * Ubiquiti UNIFI AP AC LR *4TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD – USB – 3.0 2.Radio and Walkie Talkie *Motorola DP3300E VHF *Motorola DP2600E VHF * ICOM A25n 3. Cisco C9200-48PL Switch
Reference : 0004381013

Classification: Clothing, weatherproof and waterproof, by fabric and use

United States

October 25, 2021

I have unique all hand painted designs. I'm looking for a manufacturer. That can make my vision a reality. With have to sacrifice the integrity of my work.

Classification: Food, beverages and tobacco (wholesale)

United States

October 23, 2021

looking to buy 40 feet HC containers of Pringles 1.41oz - 5 main flavors to be distributed 40% original flavor and 15% for all 4 other main flavors to be floor loaded if possible with an expiry dates of 6 months at least
Reference : 0004378033

Classification: Home decorations

United States

October 22, 2021

I am looking for eco-friendly sheets manufacturer for a project I have.

Classification: Financial management consultants and services

United States

October 21, 2021

Hello Team, I hope you are doing good. I don't have Login Credentials to Update details because some other person had created this profile and, while checking my business on your directory, Many details of my business are wrong. So please help me to change my details on a priority basis. I have requested to change my listed business details 2 to 3 months ago but still there is no response from your end. I am again mentioning all the required changes here. I am writing because I have updated my contact information to reflect my updated information. Please check the below links: Here is a link:- Need to Claim Business and to change and update the business details. Please do make changes as per mentioned below:- Business Name or Dentist Name:- Koren Family Dental Address:- 1130 Route 202 South, Bldg E-1, Raritan, NJ 08869 Working Hours:- Monday - 9 AM - 4 PM Tuesday - 9 AM - 7 PM Wednesday By Appointment Only Thursday - 9 AM - 7 PM Friday - 9 AM - 4 PM Saturday - 9 AM - 4 PM Phone Number: 908-324-5966 instead of 908-429-0442 Live Website: Map URL:- I want to make sure that we remain in touch, so please take a few minutes to update my information. Thanks and Regards, Dr. Jonathan Koren
Reference : 0004368010

Classification: Amusement and leisure parks

United States

October 18, 2021

Dear Sir/Madam I shall be grateful if you can kindly provide me a quotation for a database which will comprise the following details: - HNWI in UAE (CEOS, Expatriates etc) -Top Real Estate Developers in UAE -Marina Developers in UAE -Family Office in UAE -Asset Management Companies in UAE Thanks
Reference : 0004362219

Classification: Computer accessories

United States

October 17, 2021

products quotation cpu intel I (without box)7 11700k ssd adata xpg spectrix s40g rgb pcie 512g m2 2280 cpu amd ryzen 5 5600x box mb asus prime x570p power asus rog strix 750g vga palit gtx1660 super gp oc 6g gddr6 vga asus cerberus gtx1050 ti a 4g vga asus gtx1050 ph ti 4g vga asus rtx3070 tuf gaming oc 8g vga asus gtx1660 super tuf oc 6g vga asus rx580 dual oc 8g vga asus rtx3060 strix oc 12g vga palit rtx3060 dual 12g gddr6 vga evga rtx3060 xc gaming 12g gddr6 vga asus rtx3070 strix ti oc 8g vga ocpc gtx1660 super 6g vga asus gtx1660 super ph oc 6g vga asus rtx3060 ph 12g vga asus rtx3080 tuf ti oc 12g vga giga geeforce rtx3060 aorus elite 12g vga asus rtx3070 strix oc 8g vga asus rtx3070 tuf ti 8g vga asus rtx3070 tuf ti oc 8g vga palit rtx3070 pro gaming 8g gddr6 vga palit rtx3070 game rock 8g gddr6 vga giga rtx3070 aorus master 8g vga giga rtx3070 ti vision oc 8g vga giga rtx3070 ti gaming oc 8g vga asus rx6800 tuf oc 16g vga asus rtx3080 strix oc 10g gundam vga asus rtx3060 strix oc 12g v2 monitor acer 23.6 inch kg1 kg241qs mb giga b560m aorus elite case corsair icue 465x rgb black-cc-9011188-ww case corsair icue 220t rgb black-cc-9011190-ww vga palit geforce gtx1660 super gp 6g gddr6 vga asus rtx3080 tuf oc 10g v2 vga giga rtx3070 vision oc 8g vga palit rtx3070 gaming pro oc 8g
Reference : 0004360366

Classification: Clothes for women

United States

October 16, 2021

Y-A-N-A is searching for a supplier who provides blank, eco friendly and/or recycled t-shirts, sweat shirts and bottoms. Supplier also must be able to increase product amount as company grows.

Classification: Coating services for plastic and rubber materials

United States

October 14, 2021

We have an Enquiry regarding the Supply of Covering Plug Valves of different classes and different diameters. Kindly get back in touch with us at your earliest for further details. Thank you!

Classification: Cereals and pseudo cereals

United States

October 12, 2021

1.25 million kilos of white rice monthly, 60% whole minimum, for 12 months, delivered in Colombia, in 50 kg sacks, delivered to Colombia.
Reference : 0004354252

Classification: Wallpaper and paper backed wall coverings

United States

October 12, 2021

Hello Dear, Write to my email and attach to it the procurement and catalogs of request product.So after immediately we can proceed with our clear negotiation. Below is my company email: Email: 1654003 - Wall coverings, rice-paper and straw, paper backed
Reference : 0004353300

Classification: Underwear and nightwear for men

United States

October 11, 2021

I am looking for someone who will be able to make custom sports underwear with various prints. What I am aiming for in my product is a 86-90% Polyester & 10-14% Spandex mix and a 88-92% Cotton & 8-12% Spandex. Both with a elastic jacquard waistband at 2-2.5 Inches. These will be made for athletics and everyday wear so they will need to be flexible and breathable and most of all durable.

Classification: Drilling machinery and equipment for oil and gas production

United States

October 6, 2021

We have an Enquiry regarding the Supply of Various Valves of Different Diameters comprising Cl-150, CL-300 and Cl-600. Kindly get back in touch with us at your earliest for further details. Thank you!
Reference : 0004330406

Classification: Fruit and berries, organically farmed

United States

October 5, 2021

Hello, I'm interested in your service. I would like to know better about your offers. Could you please give more information about the databases i can have? Can I have custom databases? What are the data sources you use to create the databases? what is the information I could expect to have in the database? (fields) Can you please tell me if you are DGPR compliant? I would like to schedule a call if you are free
Reference : 0004329181

Classification: Steel production plant and machinery

United States

October 4, 2021

If possible, please quote me price and lead-time on 1 #1610 flexible drive shaft for point splitter for an Optima drill grinder. Thank you.

Classification: Sheet and film, plastic

United States

September 30, 2021

purchase of Non woven fabric odd lots, off-specification, small lots, sliting rolls, overruns, overstock lots.
Reference : 0004305387

Classification: Headgear

United States

September 21, 2021

In Search Of: Overseas/Local cut and sew manufacturer of jacquard woven knit hats - acrylic material.
Reference : 0004302060

Classification: Pharmaceutical preparations for the cardiovascular system

United States

September 17, 2021

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Reference : 0004295494

Classification: Management services

United States

September 15, 2021

CBD Box makers is a reputable CBD packaging company in the USA & Canada. Our main focus is on customer satisfaction so we strive to manufacture products according to the choice and the requirements of our customers. Our products are Innovative and we have fulfilled all your dreams about printing and packaging. Our expert team has the capability of getting in touch with you and answering all your questions and concerns based on their experience of years. We don't provide our services on a differential basis and treat all our clients with the same amount of courtesy and friendliness. We offer the best prices possible and serve with the most suitable and personalized services based on our client's needs. Visit our website for more details.
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