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Maxco, Inc.

Si Diamond Technology

Syrma Technology

Sonic Manufacturing Tech

Encompass Distribution Services

Optical Coating Lab

Subcon Manufacturing Corp

Carlton Industries Corporation, CIC ( )

Lane Enterprises Inc.

MPL, Inc.

Axcelis Technologies, Inc.


Micromex, Inc

Witt Industries Inc.

Boston Conveyor & Automation, BCA (Engineered Conveying and Robotic Systems)

General Stamping Company, GSC

WellTech Telecommunications

AUBO Robotics

Nelson Specialties Company

Inhand Electronics Incorporated (Inhand Electronics Incorporated)

Bittele Electronics

Aimtron Corporation, Aimtron Corporation (Aimtron Corporation)

Headpcb, Headpcb

Gecko Drive

Green Valley Manufacturing, GVM (Green Valley Manufacturing)

Tsaoussis Software Programming LLC, TSASPC

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