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Balluff, Inc.

Corby Industries Inc.

Borgwarner Thermal Systems Inc.

Logical Products Inc.

Elevator Controls Corp.

Hi-Lex Controls Inc.

Carotron Inc.

H I Solutions

Hubbell Industrial Controls

Fralo Industries Inc.

Danaher Controls

Tyco Electronics Corp.

Schneider Electric North America

Introl Design Inc.

Galaxy Control Systems

Tyco Electronics Corp.

Tyco Electronics Corp.

Tyco Electronics Corp.

Ge-Hitachi Hvb Inc.

Applied Computer Controls

Gentek Inc.


Appareo Systems, Llc


Banner Engineering Corp.


Next Step Controls Corp.

Finder Relays Inc.

Eaton Corp.

Process And Control Systems Inc.

Mercer-Zimmerman, Inc.

Cyber-Tech, Inc.

Mobile Candy Dish Inc.

Electronic Drives & Controls

Eaton Corp.

Electronic Test Equipment Mfg. Co.

Lumenite Control Technologies

Seelye Equipment Specialists

Mccleer Power Inc.

Nolatron, Inc.

Gordon Engineering Corp.

Emax Instruments Inc.


Anderson Controls

Grasslin Controls Corp.

Magnetic Power Systems Inc.

Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation, Inc.

Unimar, Inc.

Crescent Industries

Rueland Electric

Ap Seedorff & Co. Inc.

Siemens Energy, Inc.

Enovation Controls

Senix Corp.

Suns International Llc


Allied Motion Technologies, Inc.

Etrema Products, Inc.

The Power Suppliers Inc.

Meder Electronics Inc.

Marlin Technologies Inc.

Pro-Dex Oms

Process Technology Inc.

Passive Plus Inc.

Drive Services Inc.

Trio Motion Technology Llc

Midwest Timer Svc.

Electronic Design & Research

Dow-Key Microwave Corp.

Dart Controls

Pantera Efi

Dykman Electrical Inc.

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