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Rochester Cleaning, Rochester Cleaning (Rochester Cleaning)

WeClean is an on-demand cleaning service provider offering an all-natural and hassle-free cleaning service in the Rochester MN area. Easy to book and hassle-free, we take pride in making cleaning easier, more accessible, and more affordable be it in residential, commercial, rental, or any other space that requires cleaning and sprucing up. We understand how important it is to keep your space clean and how much of a challenge this could be in a fast-paced world. For those instances when you can no longer find the time to tidy things up, give us a call and well will do the work for you. Our easy and hassle-free booking process means we will be there on the day and at the specific time you need us to clean for you. Whether it is the place you live, work, or play, expect us to provide the best cleaning solutions not only for your specific cleaning needs but also for your budget. Our customized service ensures that homeowners, renters, rental space owners, and anybody that requires a good, thorough and reliable cleaning service will get exactly the kind of service they need. We take the role we play in preserving the environment and we are committed to only using products and employing environmentally-conscious practices. Using only all-natural products, you do not just get your place cleaned and spruced up, but you can be assured that you will stick to your values when you choose us. At WeClean, we tap local products and partners to promote local businesses as well as foster a sense of community. For a cleaning service that is easy, thorough, efficient, affordable, and hassle-free, you’ll never find a better choice than WeClean.

Supplier of:

  • Dry-cleaning and dyeing services, domestic
  • Dry-cleaning services, industrial, for textiles

Neocarbon (Joe B)

Neocarbon is a brand that offers its customers support solutions in the form of high-quality ankle braces, knee sleeves, and wrist wraps. With the Neocarbon ankle support straps, you can lead an active sporting lifestyle while preventing painful ankle injuries. Our ankle straps are lightweight, durable, and easy to put on. Plus, they are very comfortable to have on all day long. You will appreciate our ankle support straps if you play a lot of sports like football, soccer, basketball, tennis, and golf, or are involved in activities like running, climbing, weightlifting, and horse riding. These activities can be hard on the joints, and, with the ankle strap on, you will get the support and stabilization you need to prevent injuries and support weak tendons. It is also useful if you are recovering from a sprain or a strain as it can reduce swelling, pain, stiffness, muscle fatigue, and soreness. You will recover faster, and your ankles will retain their flexibility while receiving the extra support they need. The Neocarbon knee support sleeve will fit snugly about your knee and is excellent for improving blood flow and providing pain relief and helping to reduce inflammation. It is useful for sportspeople as well as for those suffering from arthritis and tendonitis. As the material is soft and flexible, it won't impede your movements, and it will be comfortable to wear all day. If you work out a lot or do work that puts pressure on your wrists, you should get the Neocarbon wrist wraps. Along with being comfortable to wear, the wrist wraps are durable and easy to fasten with velcro. All our products are available in a range of colors. For information about our products, please visit us at and

Supplier of:

  • Sports equipment NES
  • Knee, ankle, elbow, shoulder protective and supporting items, sports equipment
  • Socks...

Anthony Jerone Dog Trainer

Does Your dog lack in discipline? If you are looking for a trainer in NY, Anthony Jerone Dog Trainer, is the best choice. Mr. Jerone has 50 years of experience training pooch and grown adult dogs. Our dog training programs include everything from housebreaking, etiquette, and behavior modification, through obedience training and protection training services. Anthony Jerone’s School of Dog Training & Career in New York. Our dog trainers are all certified graduates of the academy by the one and only Master Dog Trainer Anthony Jerone, the person responsible for the development of the program. The Academy is dedicated to educating both people and canines. Our dog training programs include everything from housebreaking, etiquette, and behavior modification, through obedience training and protection training services. We accept all types and ages of dogs. So whether your pooch is 8 weeks old or a full grown adult dog, we have the training programs to suit your companion. We are confident that our dog training programs will provide you with an enjoyable experience and a well trained dog. Using the latest and most effective training techniques, the Academy is the only dog training academy that provides not only dog obedience programs to have your canine professionally trained in all aspects of NYC approved training but also provides Trainer Programs for individuals who wish to become certified professional dog trainers. With a background spanning over 40 years in dog training, Anthony Jerone is the only trainer certified by both New York City and New York State. His dog training skills have been recognized and applauded by New York Mayor’s Bloomberg, Giuliani, Koch, and Dinkins. Mr. Jerone, who founded the program, has some of the most interesting and unique credentials around! Formerly a Vietnam K-9 Corps Specialist, Anthony Jerone has also been the rare recipient of the Silver Cross & Bronze Star for developing dog-handling programs for the United States Army. He had 20 German Shepherds in his company in 1969 and in 1980 he founded the New York City Transit Authority Canine Unit. He has been given a whole sheaf of citations commending him for his advice and expertise from a great number of cities and states across the nation. Learn to be a Certified Master Dog Trainer from New York City’s BEST! Our dog training instructor programs will train you to be a proficient and certified dog trainer. At the Anthony Jerone’s Canine Education Academy we provide a comprehensive and well rounded training services for both dogs and people. We teach people to become Certified Dog Trainers and dogs to be a loving member of the family. Learn more about how you can become a Dog Trainer and get certified by the best at the Anthony Jerone’s Canine Education Academy. Anthony Jerone Dog Trainer Anthony Jerone 16-05 Francis Lewis Blvd, Whitestone, NY 11357 Phone :(718) 454-5800 Website:

Supplier of:

  • Protective and safety work clothing, by occupation
  • Clothing, protective, for dog trainers
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