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Moses Inc.

Moses Inc. is a full-service creative agency in Arizona. As one of the best Phoenix ad agencies for more than 30 years, Moses Inc. has built a reputation for all things branding, creative, digital, marketing, PR, social, strategy, interactive and beyond. In fact, our band of misfits have brought in every award from Addys to Clios, earning us recognition as one of the top agencies in Arizona, the Southwest and the Nation. We’re not a Phoenix advertising agency toting street cred while sitting in a corporate high-rise. We’re a warehouse of artists, thinkers, makers, doers, innovators, strategists and the occasional dog. We choose quality over quantity and big statements over the status quo. We deliver insights our clients haven’t considered and results they never imagined. From tourism to hospitality, entertainment to retail, we build brands from the ground up and transform existing ones from the inside out. Whether we’re creating multimedia campaigns or producing the next award-winning website, we believe in creating great work for clients who do good. No wonder Moses Inc. was named one of the best advertising agencies in the U.S. by Adweek as well as the most creatively awarded ad agency in Phoenix by Communication Arts. Even Fast Company named agency founder Louie Moses the poster child for creativity. Our idea factory is located in downtown Phoenix’s historic warehouse district. For a further look at what we do and how we do it, visit

Supplier of:

  • Advertisement and artwork services
  • Graphic design services, visual brand identity
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