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Matrix Tube Service

Matrix Tube Service specializes in providing Logistical Support, Rapid Precision Production and Warehousing Services. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We also specializes in Custom Tubular Solutions. We offer different types of services such as Machining, Cutting, and Welding Services. We serve a wide array of industries such as :Oil & GasAerospaceIndustrialAutomotiveAgriculturalConstructionTube Machining Our machine shop is equipped with the latest CNC machinery. Our technology enables to quickly deliver top-notch, consistent parts at the most competitive costs. We specialize in Tubular Threading Services, End Finishing, Large Diameter CNC Turning, and Tube, Bar & Pipe Beveling Services. We offer tubular threading for a wide range of tubular and bar stock products including casing and pipes. Our threading services and thorough inspections ensure thread designs and tolerances are consistently met. We offer a wide range of end finishing capabilities for virtually any application. Ends are manufactured to exact specifications. We provide machining capability from ½” to 14 ¾” OD and up to 40’ long to handle product manufacturing. Our MAZAK SL600 2-axis CNC lathe features a 4,000 mm bed length with Auto Hydraulic Steady Rest that handles the large tubular products with ease. Our pipe beveling service is affordable, precise and eliminates the inconsistency of hand grinding or torching. These value added efficiency mean we can produce more quality parts in less time. Tube Welding We offer two types of welding such as Orbital Welding, and Robotic Welding. Orbital welding offers accurate, repeatable operation for exacting tolerances on tubular diameters up to 24″ OD at speeds that far exceed manual welding. Plasma arc welding capabilities range from ½ ” to 10″ OD. Matrix Plasma Cold Wire Feed (PCWF) process is a high energy density process that offers several advantages over other welding technologies, including the ability to weld relatively thick materials in a single pass. Our robotic welding capability delivers repeatability and cost savings. Robotic welding can be programmed for a variety of projects – from simple welds for large volume orders or complex projects that require high levels of accuracy. Tube Cutting Our state-of-the-art cutting work center features an automated cold sawing process built for speed, offering close tolerance, and high volume cutting. Our high-speed Nishijimax CNC Carbide Cold Saw can cut 75% more parts per hour than three standard production saws combined. It cuts through a 6″ solid bar in an impressive 28 seconds. Its high quality cut produces a desirable machined finish that eliminates secondary operations. Cold saw cutting also allows:Cut tubular metals from 1 ½” to 6″ ODStandardized, high volume productionSmooth, finished ends – no extra machining requiredShorter processing timeBundle loading capabilitiesLength tolerance of ±0.004 in.Squareness tolerance of 0.002 in. per diameter inchManual band saw cutting offers highly affordable cutting for layer cutting a variety of shapes, such as squares, rectangles, channels, I beams, and extrusions. Warehousing Capabilities Our 25,000 square foot, climate-controlled facility acts as an extension of warehouse – allowing to store large amounts of material and ship it when needed. Warehousing is a solution to supply chain challenges. We employ lean manufacturing and JIT methodologies to ensure the products are shipped on time anywhere in the world. We can also source and store raw materials, including quality tubes, bar stock, steel pipe and tubing in a variety of metals. Drive-in bays simplify our loading and unloading process by removing driver mistakes before they happen. By removing the risk of backing in, drivers and plant personnel can load and unload safely and in a more timely way. Drive-in bays combine with our 5-ton cranes to make loading and unloading a quick, headache-free process. Risk is kept to a minimum and our focus can be better spent on material inspection and high-end workmanship. ISO-certified 5-Ton cranes move the materials quickly and safely from one process to the next. Cranes helps to drive our JIT lean production process and keeps our team focused on producing quality parts. Cranes are also stationed at every cutting, welding and machining work center, making it easy to stage large amounts of materials and production parts and reducing time spent in shipping & receiving product.

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  • Metal pipework services
  • Pipe and tube cutting services, metal

Mills Products, Incorporated

Mills Products, Inc. is a turnkey metal fabricator with a reputation for producing lightweight, aesthetically-superior parts. Our specialty is condensing multiple parts into Single, Lightweight Rolled or Formed Parts. Our state-of-the-art facilities offer Hydroforming, Tubular Stamping, Roll Forming, Assembly and Finishing Services - including Machining, Welding and Powder Coating. As a direct result of diverse component manufacturing capabilities, we can match each part with the optimal process. We produce different types of parts such as Stainless Steel Handles, Decorative Trims, Window Assemblies and Tier-2 Automotive Components. We serve several industries such as Aerospace, Alternative Energy, ATV, Marine, Medical/Pharmaceutical and Military. Tubular StampingTube Stamping is a relatively new technology used to produce complex, tubular parts that are generally uncommon in the stamping world. Tube stamping offers design advantages, greater strength-to-weight ratios and up to 30% lower manufacturing costs than screw-machined parts, die casting & aluminum extrusions. We can often implement special design features, such as hemmed or coined edges, without incurring additional machining costs. We can convert the existing machined parts into tubular stamped components to achieve the following benefits:Class A finishesCost-savings and weight reduction opportunitiesHighly complex, tubular shapes and partsVarying shapes (round, oval, square, etc.) and diametersValue-added features such as fasteners can be installed during the stamping processAesthetic design features such as hemmed edges and coined shapesCommon tubular stamped shapes include open, diagonal & overlap seams, angular ends, oil grooves, special shapes, flanged or nosed-in ends, notches, V-joints, projections, beads, handles T and bolt threads. Roll FormingRoll Forming is ideal for OEMs looking to economically produce high volumes of close tolerance parts with a broad range of geometries. Our Custom Roll Forming Services convert both ferrous and non-ferrous metals into hardened states that maximize strength, reduce weight & decrease labor costs versus extrusions. Our inline sweeping & arcing capabilities can create complex, aesthetically-superior parts such as automotive cargo shade components, range & refrigeration components, point of purchase display components, bicycle frames and Oven Window components. Our process begins by passing a long strip of coiled metal through a series of incremental bends until a final cross-section profile is achieved. We use a highly efficient in-line process that minimizes part handling and reduces customer costs. Our Roll Forming process replaces higher cost plastics & extruded parts, reduces waste, secondary operations & labor costs, and fabricate finished or painted parts. Our process can accommodate 22 sets of rolls with a maximum thickness of 0.062 inches. Our extensive metal forming capabilities allow to produce a wide variety of shapes & sizes - including Structural Components designed to strengthen and support the designs. HydroformingOur thin wall tubular hydroforming allows to produce lightweight, complex parts with seamless aesthetics that would be impossible to cost-effectively reproduce using traditional forming methods. We have introduced tubular hydroforming to the appliance industry and are used for converting multi-part assemblies into lighter & stronger hydroformed parts. Hydroforming's high strength-to-weight ratio produces high dimensional stability in fewer operations than traditional stamping or welding. We can introduce flexible design options such as large radius sweeps, cross-sectional shape transitions from round to elliptical, multi-sided cross sections and variable expansions of diameters of up to 35%. Finite Element AnalysisFinite Element Analysis is a key component of Design And Engineering process that helps to predict potential design flaws before production begins. We take customer-generated data and develop prototypes of products & tooling to facilitate early design improvements. We work to optimize the product/tooling design & process parameters, simulate the severity of tube expansion, accurately predict material thinning and determine failure/success rates prior to manufacturing. We can also tool welding fixtures in-house to control cost and meet timelines. We specialize in producing custom, specialized handles without specialized costs. Tubular Stamping | Hydroforming | Roll Forming | Design And Engineering | Finite Element Analysis | Assembly Services | Metal Finishing | Powder Coating | Surface Finishing | Metal Machining | Oven Window | Handle | Decorative Trim | Structural Components | Metal Products

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  • Hardware, ironmongery, cutlery and tools
  • Handles, metal
  • Metal products, miscellaneous...
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