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JK6 Corporation

We are seeking Distributors, Importers, Agents for our products and would welcome your possible interest. We are the inventor and manufacturer of a new generation of unique outdoor and fitness bicycles. The Caron bicycle, winner of five Gold Medal Awards, takes away the monotony and shortcomings of a traditional bike with the addition of five new ways to pedal. The Caron bicycle looks like a regular bike, but it comes with a patented crankset design called the Caron Uniset that enables the rider to switch between six different pedaling strokes, whether you ride for exercise, competition, or your everyday commute. It’s a 3-in-1 bike because you can ride it like a regular bicycle, or pedal it five more different ways, or use it as a stationary exercise bike. Riders can switch from the “Normal” pedaling mode to “Multi” mode from a control button on the handlebars. Please see the attached articles. YOU CAN ORDER JUST THE CARON UNISET WHICH CAN BE INSTALLED ON ANY REGULAR BICYCLE. We also offer the complete outdoor and fitness bikes in several models, all designed to complement the diverse lifestyles and preferences of the general cycling population ages 6 to 65 and over, including the special needs of individuals with physical disabilities, individuals with limited or restrictive ranges of motion, those under physical rehabilitation and therapy, and even multi-sport athletes in their training and workout programs. We currently have pending patent applications in 16 countries, and have recently completed distribution agreements with Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. We fully support our distributors with technical advice, express shipments when needed, and other support services. Please visit our websites at:;

Supplier of:

  • Bicycles and kick scooters
  • Bicycles, BMX
  • Machinery for the manufacture of bicycles...
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