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The global operating company, Dominate RFID, has it’s headquarter in United States of America. Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the place from where Dominate RFID gets its support facility and additional sales. Dominate RFID is really a dominating company both in US & UAE. Throughout both of the countries the dominating company is being known for its quick, reliable and easy services. Along with building firm its roots in the both of these countries; Dominating RFID is also looking forward to establish its branches in other parts of the world in order to increase its customers and business range. To accomplish the goal of extending its branches in other countries the company is planning to increase its facilities depending on the environment of those targeted areas.To support and assist businesses, globally, is our aim while to get in connection with us you can use English, Urdu, Hindi, Spanish, Tagalog and Arabic for communication. We are quick delivers and developers of RFID products along with which we provide solutions for several industries. The products in which we deal include RFID Tags, RFID Antennas and a broad RFID Reader’s line.Furthermore with our Solid RFID solution service we solve your various problems such as RFID File tracking, RFID jewellery tracking, RFID inventory tracking, RFID asset tracking, RFID people tracking, RFID laundry management and several other problems.

Supplier of:

  • Geolocation equipment
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags
  • Radio frequency (RF) identification tagging systems...
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