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Precision Farming Solutions

Precision Farming Solutions, LLC is a small but technologically sophisticated organization which provides supremely advanced, highly reliable precision ag tools to improve farm profitability and help farmers collect good data for better management decisions. Serving all of Southwest Indiana and North Central Kentucky, Precision Farming Solutions offers a very wide range of products. And for all those products we provide not only sales, but also parts, service, and installation. We are known for many things, but most of all for our remarkable support. All our customers understand that if they buy a product from us we will be there to support that product for them literally day or night seven days a week, making sure that at all times and in all situations they are completely covered. That kind of support has led to intense customer loyalty, which has enabled Precision Farming Solutions to continuously grow and expand. The company was founded in 2009 by Rick Applegate, a farm boy from North Central Indiana, near the town of North Manchester. Graduating from Purdue University in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Systems Management and a minor in Farm Management, as well as an associate degree in Agronomy, Rick first went to work for John Deere Harvester Works. Then in 2007 he moved to Southern Indiana, settling down in the hometown of his wife Annette. And it was there, in 2009, that he established Precision Farming Solutions.

Supplier of:

  • Agricultural production processes
  • Vertical farming
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