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Simulated Moving Bed
In conventional batch chromatography, a single column is used for adsorptive separation. However, the batch chromatography is inefficient to obtain a high purity and high yield. For complete separation, it involves the consumption of a large amount of solvent. Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) technology overcomes the limitations of batch chromatography and provides high productivity through overloaded operating condition. Moreover, it reduces solvent consumption and product dilution and this leads to an easier and cheaper product recovery step.  

Advantages of SMB technology compared to classical batch chromatography
- The entire stationary phase is continuously covered with the mixture to be separated and produces much higher productivity
- 90% reduction in the demand for solvent due to solvent recycling
- Extract and raffinate are extracted in high concentration which makes it easier to remove solvent
- The patented multi-function valve enables compact size equipment

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Technical Details

- Petrochemical industry
- Sugar industry
- Chiral separation
- Pharmaceutical production
- Other industries