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Description of the Product

SCALEMASTER description.
With the Kroma SCALEMASTER 1500 it is possible to descale fish at a speed of up to 80 fish per minute. The machine is mounted on a solid frame with spring suspension, so that the machine adjusts to the size of the fish. The descaling is done by rotating brushes that are driven by hydraulic motors. The speed of the machine can be adjusted on the control panel.
Kroma’s fish scaler is characterized by being flexible and able to accommodate several different fish sizes.
The machine has proven to be very gentle to the fish, which is a major advantage when you need to scale fish with a soft meat structure such as, e.g. a hake.
The machine can also be used for species whose scales are attached more firmly, for example, tilapia.
The de-scaling process.
During the descaling process, the fish is held in place by strong ties. Holding the fish in place is important to achieve a good descaling of the fish. The tightening of the ties is done pneumatically and the tightening process can be adjusted smoothly. The ties can be removed in a minute for easier cleaning.
Scales and water run down and out of the machine and it is therefore easy to collect and filter the scales from the water. The collection of the scales is done in a filter system that can be easily emptied and cleaned.
The descaling process works best without the use of water, but taking the cleaning of the brushes into consideration a limited amount of water may be used.

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Technical Details

Tecnical data.
Fish species: Salmon, Seabass, Seabream, Tilapia, Haddock, others on request.
Working range: Fish between 0.2 and 8 kg.
Operators: 1.
Water consumption: Adjustable.
Materials: Stainless steel AISI 304.
Accessories: Induction system, Filter for scales, take-away conveyor system.
Weight: 1200 kg.
Motor: 3x400V, 50Hz, 7.5kW/2x0.55kW.
Supply: 3x400V + N + PE, 16A, 50Hz.
Finish: Bead blasted.