Premium Korean Sesame Oil of CHEONNYEONMEEIN


Description of the Product

Premium Korean Sesame Oil

[Keypoints of Cheonnyeonmeein’s Sesame Oil]

1. No artificial additives to exaggerate oil’s color, scent and taste.
Cheonnyeonmeein uses 100% Korean sesame without artificial additives.
2. Aromatic & Tasty by cold press manufacturing process
Cheonnyeonmeein’s oil is extracted in low-temperate.
This method requires more ingredients but its fresher and contains more nutrition.

[Nutrient Facts]
1. Type of product: Genuine grain oil
2. Manufacture Location: 67-3, Sangdong-gu, Guncheon-eup, Gyeongju-si
3. Expiration date: Marked in each product
4. Capacity/EA: 300mL
5. Raw material content: Korean sesame 100%
6. Method of Keeping: Cool place without direct sunlight, do not refrigerate
7. It’s normal to have sediment: please shake it
Product ready for delivery

Price and payment

From 16000.00 KRW
  • Bank transfer

Characteristics of the Product

  • Type Genuine Grain Oil
  • Model Sesame Oil
  • Dimension 300ml
  • Brand Cheonnyeonmeein
  • Label Genuine Grain Oil
  • Origin Republic of Korea