Microgluer Small-format folding machines of Valco Melton Spain


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Description of the Product

Eliminate expensive pressure sensitive forms and minimize your mail costs by simplifying and streamlining self-mailer applications with the compact and versatile microgluer®. Featuring an integrated microglue® system, this family of small-format folding machines, folds, glues, and perforates in one operation to create self-mailers in C, Vand Z fold formats.

From basic half and letter fold formats, to more complex mailers including Z fold, the user-friendly microgluer offers performance and versatility with 8 models available: 2C, 4C, 6C, 4Z, 6Z, 8Z, 12Z and 3P, for all your self-mailing needs at an affordable, packaged price.

Price of the Product

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Technical Details

  • 2, 4 or 8 channel, 8 output microglue® pattern controller
  • Integrated easy clean system
  • Vacuum-assisted friction feeder with static reducing ionic system
  • Cold glue guns with tip-sealing shutter mechanism
  • Shutter control output
  • Product and batch counter
  • Production rate meter
  • Available with optional right angle section to perforate the 3rd side of a
  • self-mailer