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Mobile machining 
MarineShaft carries out all kinds of repairs to propeller equipment and rudder arrangements world-wide. We have a wide range of specially designed mobile equipment that enable us to carry out the job on-site. We have a well educated team of service engineers, propeller specialists and certified welders, who are ready to start out wherever and whenever called.
  • Boring of stern tube, rudder neck bearings, rudder horn etc.
  • Machining of cones in rudder blades, cones on shafts etc.
  • Laser alignment equipment
  • Shaft withdrawal
We can also provide you professinal assistance as supervisor. We are always at your disposal for advice, guidance and feel free to contact us for a non-binding offer.
Under water repairs
Our gold is to give our customers professional guidance and a complete package solution.
Therefore, we are always open for new businesses, that are in tune with our main services and that we find of interest and beneficial to our customers.
We co-operate with highly professional diving contractors and together we can offer you services under water as well as above.
Dismantling of propeller, azimuth pods, thruster, mounting of cofferdam, polishing of propeller blades, welding, cutting, measurement tasks etc.
Skilled and competent engineers, all certified welders which are ready to take of whenever and wherever needed.
Read our case from Maersk Flensburg  here.

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