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MarineShaft A/S is specialized in the following areas:

Class approved cold straightening of propeller shafts and rudder stocks
Manufacturing of new propeller shafts and rudder stocks
Reconditioning of rudders and rudder arrangements
Repair of Simplex rudder stocks
Reconditioning of propeller equipment
Repair of propeller blades and fixed propellers
Mobile machining<...

Product description

Laser Cladding
With our welding repair technique - laser cladding, we are able to solve cases, where normal welding is not allowed or the extent of the repair is best solved with laser cladding.
The advantages with laser cladding are plenty:
  • We can weld on high-carbon steel
  • The welding requires no heat treatment afterwards
  • The repair is very fast and cost-effective
  • The repair can be carried out on-site
The repair is carried out with documentation and class approval.


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