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Leathers, furs and their products industry
Leathers, furs and their products 》相关的数据介绍。

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Technical Details

Leathers, furs and their products皮革及其制品
Skins, hides and leathers, bovine (cattle) and equine (horse)牛马皮
Rawhides and leathers, cattle and horse牛马生皮
Leather splits, cattle hide割层革,牛皮的
Collars, sides and butts, cattle hide牛的颈圈革、侧皮和全背皮
Leather, belly腹部皮
Leather, calfskin and kips牛犊皮和小牛皮
Leather, buffalo水牛皮
Leather, horse hide马皮
Skins, hides and leathers, ovine (sheep), caprine (goat) and deer绵羊皮、山羊皮和鹿皮
Rawhides and leathers, goat, sheep and deerskin生绵羊皮、生山羊皮和生鹿皮
Leather, sheepskin绵羊皮
Leather, lambskin羊羔皮
Leather, goatskin山羊皮
Leather, deerskin鹿皮
Leather, chamois羚羊皮
Hides, elk麋鹿皮
Skins, reindeer驯鹿皮
Skins, hides and leathers, swine猪皮
Rawhides and leathers, pigskin生猪皮
Rawhides and leathers, wild boar生野猪皮
Skins, hides and leathers NES皮革(未做特殊定义的)
Skins, batrachian (frogs, toads)两栖动物(蛙、蟾蜍)皮
Hides, camel骆驼皮
Skins, dog狗皮
Skins, fish and other sea animals鱼皮和其它水生动物皮
Skins, goose鹅皮
Skins, kangaroo袋鼠皮
Skins, ostrich鸵鸟皮
Skins, crocodile鳄鱼皮
Skins, lizard蜥蜴皮
Skins, snake蛇皮
Skins, reptile爬行动物皮
Furskins, sheep and goat绵羊和山羊毛皮
Furskins, rabbit兔皮
Furskins, feline猫科动物皮
Furskins, coypu (nutria)海狸鼠皮
Furskins, opossum负鼠皮
Furskins, mink貂类皮
Furskins, fox狐狸皮
Furskins, beaver海狸皮
Furskins, chinchilla南美栗鼠皮
Horse and foal hides马和马驹毛皮
Furskins, fine精制裘皮
Skins, hides and leathers processing services皮革加工服务
Pre-processing services for bovine (cattle) and equine (horse) hides and leathers牛马皮预制加工服务
Fellmongering services, bovine (cattle) and equine (horse)牛马皮的去毛服务
Sleeking services, leather皮革的磨光服务
Splitting and slitting services for cattle and horse leather剖层片皮和纵切服务,牛马皮的
Curriers, cattle and horse hide加脂鞣制商,牛马皮的
Glacé leathers, processing services革皮抛光服务
Converting services, cattle and horse leather牛马皮的翻毛加工
Dyeing services, leather染色服务,皮革的
Parchment dressing services羊皮纸修整服务
Velour finishing services, cattle and horse leather绒皮整理(立绒)服务,牛马皮的
Waterproofing and waxing services, cattle and horse leather防水和上蜡服务,牛马皮的
Metallising services, cattle and horse hide金属化服务,牛马皮的
Patent coating services, cattle and horse hide牛马皮的涂漆皮服务
Renovation and cleaning services for cattle and horse hide leathers翻新和清洗服务,用于牛马皮
Pre-processing services for ovine (sheep), caprine (goat)and deer hides and leathers预制加工服务,用于绵羊、山羊和鹿皮
Fellmongering services, ovine (sheep), caprine (goat) and deer去毛服务,用于绵羊、山羊和鹿皮
Splitting and slitting services for goatskins, deerskins and sheepskins剖层片皮和纵切服务,用于制山羊皮、鹿皮和绵羊皮
Curriers, goatskin, sheepskin and deerskin加脂鞣制厂,用于制山羊皮、绵羊皮和鹿皮
Converting services, sheepskin, deerskin and goatskin绵羊、鹿和山羊皮的翻毛加工
Renovation and cleaning services for sheep, deer and goat hides and leathers翻新和清洁服务,用于制绵羊皮、鹿皮和山羊皮
Fellmongering services, pigskins and hides去毛服务,猪皮的
Pre-processing services for pigskins and hides预制加工服务,用于制猪皮皮革
Splitting and slitting services for pigskin leathers剖层片皮和纵切服务,用于制猪皮制品
Curriers, pigskin加脂鞣制商,猪皮的
Converting services for pigskin leather猪皮翻毛加工
Renovation and cleaning services for pig hides and leathers翻新和清洁服务,用于制猪皮
Fur blending services裘皮配色服务
Furskin sorting services裘皮分类服务
Mothproofing services for furs裘皮防蛀服务
Furskin lustering services裘皮上光服务
Furriers (fur dressers)裘皮加工商
Furskin dyeing services裘皮染色服务
Leather processing to customer specification按客户规格提供的皮革加工服务
Repair and remodelling services for furs裘皮修补和改版服务
Storage services for furs裘皮仓储服务
Cleaning services for furs裘皮清洁服务
Skin and hide tanning services皮革鞣革服务
Tanners, cattle and horse hide鞣革商,牛马皮的
Bark tanning services树皮鞣革服务
Vegetable tanning services, other than bark tanning植物鞣革服务,除树皮鞣革外的
Mineral tanning services矿物鞣革服务
Chrome tanning services铬鞣制革服务
Alum tanning services (tawing)铝鞣制革服务
Oil tanning services油鞣革服务
Combination tanning services结合鞣革服务
Tanners, goatskin, sheepskin and deerskin鞣革厂,用于制山羊皮、绵羊皮、鹿皮
Tanners, pigskin鞣革商,猪皮的
Furskin tanning services裘皮鞣革服务
Skins, hides and leathers, processed皮革,加工过的
Leather, processed加工过的皮革
Horse hides, vegetable tanned马皮,植物鞣制的
Leather, cattle, vegetable tanned牛皮,植物鞣制的
Leather, cattle, chrome tanned牛皮,铬鞣的
Horse hides, chrome tanned马皮,铬鞣的
Cattle and horse hides, semi-chrome tanned牛马皮,半铬鞣的
Leather, cattle and horse hide, combination tanned牛马皮,结合鞣的
Leather, cattle and horse hide, oil tanned牛马皮,油鞣的
Leather, cattle and horse hide, mineral tanned牛马皮,矿物鞣的
Leather, cattle and horse hide, wet blue牛马皮,湿铬鞣的
Leather, cattle hide, patent漆皮牛皮
Leather, horse hide, patent漆皮马皮
Leather, cattle hide, nubuck牛皮,正绒面革的
Leather, cattle and horse hide, curried and dressed牛马皮,加脂重革和明矾鞣制的
Leather, cattle hide, grained and tawed牛皮,高光泽搓纹革和铝明矾鞣制的
Leather, cattle and horse hide, brined牛马皮,盐水腌制的
Leather, cattle and horse hide, rough tanned and crust牛马皮,粗鞣和硬化过的
Leather, cattle and horse hide, tanned and cured牛马皮,鞣制和硫化过的
Leather, cattle hide, velvet牛皮,正绒面的
Leather, cattle hide, sueded牛皮,绒面的
Leather, cattle hide, metallised牛皮,金属化的
Kipskins, waxed小牛皮,上过蜡的
Russian leather, cattle and horse俄罗斯软革,牛和马的
Leather splits, cattle hide, printed剖层革,牛的,印花(压花)的
Leather splits, cattle hide, polyurethane (PU) treated剖层革,牛的,聚氨酯(PU)处理过的
Horse hides, glazed and washable马皮,亮面的和耐洗的
Leather, cattle and horse, waterproofed牛马皮,防水的
Leather, cattle and horse hide, embossed牛马皮,压花的
Leather, cattle and horse hide, press cut牛马皮,冲切的
Waste, leather and hide废皮
Leather, nappa全粒面软革
Sheepskins, kidskins and goatskins, vegetable tanned绵羊皮、羊羔皮和山羊皮,植物鞣制
Sheepskins and goatskins, chrome tanned绵羊皮和山羊皮,铬鞣制的
Sheepskins, oil tanned绵羊皮,油鞣制的
Leather, nubuck (deerskin)鹿皮,鞣制过的
Sheepskins and lambskins, tawed绵羊皮和羔羊皮,明矾鞣制
Sheepskins, grained绵羊皮,有纹理的
Sheepskins, kidskins and goatskins, velvet and/or suede绵羊皮,羊羔皮和山羊皮,绒面/翻毛的
Sheepskins, kidskins and goatskins, patent绵羊皮,羊羔皮和山羊皮,漆皮的
Sheepskins and goatskins, metallised绵羊皮和山羊皮,金属化的
Leather, sheep, goat or deer hide, embossed绵羊皮、山羊皮和鹿皮,压花制法
Leather, ovine (sheep), caprine (goat) and deer, tanned and cured绵羊皮、山羊皮和鹿皮,鞣制和硫化过的
Leather, sheep, goat or deer hide, curried and dressed绵羊皮、山羊皮和鹿皮,加脂重革和明矾鞣制的
Leather, glacé kid亮面小山羊皮
Goatskins, Morocco or saffian摩洛哥山羊皮
Leather, Cordovan科尔多瓦皮革
Parchment leather羊皮纸皮革
Leather, ovine (sheep), caprine (goat) and deer, press cut绵羊皮、山羊皮和鹿皮,压切的
Leather, pigskin, curried and dressed猪皮,加脂重革和明矾鞣制的
Leather, pigskin, tanned and cured猪皮,鞣制和硫化过的
Leather, pigskin, grained and tawed猪皮,高光泽搓纹和铝明矾鞣的
Leather, pigskin, embossed猪皮,压花制
Leather, pigskin, press cut猪皮,冲切的
Furskins, tanned鞣制过的裘皮
Reconstituted leathers and their products再生皮革和其产品
Reconstituted leather再生皮革
Reconstituted leather products再生皮革制品
Skins, hides and leathers, by use皮革,按用途分类的
Leather for saddlery皮革,制鞍具用
Leather, cattle and horse hide, for footwear制鞋用牛马皮
Leather, cattle and horse hide, for fancy goods牛马皮,制高档新奇产品用
Leather, cattle and horse hide, for travel goods牛马皮,用于制箱包
Leather, cattle and horse hide, for sports goods牛马皮,体育用品用
Leather, cattle and horse hide, for watch straps牛马皮,制表带用
Leather, cattle and horse hide, for clothing and dress accessories牛马皮,用于制服饰
Leather, cattle and horse hide, for millinery牛马皮,制女帽用
Leather, cattle and horse hide, for orthopaedic use牛马皮,矫形器材用
Leather, cattle and horse hide, for surgical use牛马皮,外科手术用
Leather, cattle and horse hide, for military equipment牛马皮,军用装备用
Leather, cattle and horse hide, for linings牛马皮,制内衬(衬层)用
Leather, cattle and horse hide, for pianos and organs牛马皮,钢琴和风琴用
Leather, cattle and horse hide, for artwork牛马皮,艺术品用
Leather, cattle and horse hide, for bookbinding牛马皮,装订用
Leather, cattle and horse hide, for industrial use牛马皮,工业用
Leather, cattle and horse hide, for hose butts牛马皮,软管用
Leather, cattle and horse hide, for gas meters牛马皮,燃气表用
Leather, cattle and horse hide, for transmission belts牛马皮,传动带用
Leather, cattle hide, for gloves牛皮,手套用
Hides, butts and shoulder leathers, cattle and horse, for pumps and hydraulic equipment皮革,臀部和肩部的皮革,牛马皮的,用于抽水泵和液压装置
Skins and leather, bovine (cattle), for upholstery牛皮,软包用
Leather, string, cattle and horse hide牛皮绳、马皮绳
Leather, butt strap, dressed皮革,肩托用,修整过的
Leather, ovine (sheep) and caprine (goat), for saddlery绵羊皮和山羊皮,用于制鞍具
Leather, ovine (sheep), caprine (goat) and deer, for footwear绵羊皮和山羊皮,制鞋用
Leather, ovine (sheep) and caprine (goat), for fancy goods绵羊皮和山羊皮,制高档新奇产品用
Leather, ovine (sheep) and caprine (goat), for travel goods绵羊皮和山羊皮,用于制箱包
Leather, goat and sheepskin, for sports goods绵羊皮和山羊皮,用于制体育用品
Leather, goat and sheepskin, for watch straps绵羊皮和山羊皮,用于制表带
Leather, ovine (sheep), caprine (goat) and deer, for clothing制衣用绵羊、山羊和鹿皮
Leather, ovine (sheep) and caprine (goat), for gloves绵羊皮和山羊皮,制手套
Leather, ovine (sheep) and caprine (goat), for upholstery绵羊皮和山羊皮,用于制室内装饰品
Leather, ovine (sheep) and caprine (goat), for bookbinding绵羊皮和山羊皮,装订用
Lambskins for paint rollers羔羊毛皮,用于制油漆辊子
Wash-leathers, ovine (sheep) and caprine (goat)绵羊山羊皮制耐洗革(麂皮)
Leather, pigskin, for sports goods猪皮,用于制体育用品
Leather, pigskin, for watch straps猪皮,用于制表带
Leather, wild boar, for footwear野猪皮,用于制鞋
Furskins for clothing制衣用裘皮
Sheepskins, lambskins and goatskins for lining clothing and footwear绵羊皮、羊羔皮和山羊皮,修整过的,用于制服装和鞋内衬
Calf furskins for linings小牛皮,制衬里的
Leather, embossed, ornamental, punched, for artistic upholstery and seating皮革,压花的,装饰性的,冲压的,用于制艺术性室内装饰物和座椅
Fancy goods, leather高档新奇产品,真皮制
Road map covers, leather行车图册真皮封皮
Card cases, passport holders and licence cases, leather真皮名片夹、护照夹和执照夹
Chequebook covers, leather真皮支票本/薄封皮
Spectacle cases, leather 眼镜盒,真皮制
Purses and wallets (notecases), leather真皮钱包和钱夹
Key holders, cases and fobs/tags, leather钥匙座,钥匙盒和钥匙夹,真皮的
Manicure sets, leather真皮修指甲具
Shaving sets, leather刮胡刀真皮盒
Cases, leather, for electric razors (shavers)真皮电动剃须刀套
Comb cases, leather梳子真皮盒
Games articles, leather真皮游戏物品
Fancy goods, leather and straw, leather and jute高档新奇真皮和稻草、真皮和黄麻制品
Cases, leather, Masonic真皮皮箱,石匠用的
Cases, leather, for mobile telephones (cellular phones)真皮手机皮套
Cases and bags, leather, for gifts真皮盒和包,用于装礼品
School pencil cases, leather 铅笔盒,真皮制
Travel goods, handbags and similar articles箱包
Travel goods, leather真皮箱包
Travel goods, reptile skin爬行动物皮箱包
Travel bags, leather旅行包,真皮制
Suitcases, leather行李箱,真皮制
Trunks (travel goods), leather手提箱,真皮制
School bags and satchels, leather书包,真皮制
Attaché cases, leather公文包,真皮制
Briefcases and document cases, leather公文包和文件包,真皮制
Fashion bags, leather时尚包,真皮制
Handbags and evening bags, leather, for women女士手提包和晚宴用包,真皮制
Handbags, leather, for men真皮手包,男士用
Waist packs/belt bags, leather腰包,真皮制
Doctors' bags, leather医疗包,真皮制
Pilot cases, leather飞行员包,真皮制
Handicraft bags, leather工艺品包,真皮制
Sewing cases, leather皮制针线包
Cases for portable radios, compact disc (CD) players, hi-fi systems and television sets, leather箱,便携式收音机、CD机、高保真音响和电视机用,真皮制
Saddlebags and knapsacks, leather鞍囊和鞍座包,真皮制的
Accessories, leather NES真皮配件,未做特殊定义的
Address and visitors books, leather真皮地址和来宾登记簿
Photograph album covers, leather相册真皮封皮
Telephone indexes, leather真皮电话号簿(电话号码本)
Menu and wine list covers, leather 真皮菜单和酒单封皮
Covers, book and notebook, textile leather书和笔记本的皮编织封面
Writing sets and cases, leather真皮书写文具和文具盒
Pencil cases, leather真皮铅笔盒
Desk sets, leather真皮桌面文具
Bookmarks, leather真皮书签
Covers, leather, for books and notebooks真皮封皮,书籍和笔记本用
Albums, stamp, autograph and photograph, leather集邮册、签名本、相册,真皮革封面的
Powder puff boxes, leather粉饼真皮盒
Brush sets, fitted, leather真皮制配套用刷子组
Boxes, fancy, leather高档新奇真皮盒子
Cases, leather, old book style, for liqueurs, port, whisky古书式真皮酒盒
Cutlery cases, leather真皮西餐刀叉盒
Waste-paper baskets, leather真皮废纸篓
Bookends, leather真皮书挡
Photograph frames, leather真皮相框
Frames, leather, for pictures and mirrors真皮画框和镜框
Lampshades, leather真皮灯罩
Flasks and cups, pocket, leather真皮水囊和杯子,袖珍的
Playing card cases, leather真皮盒(套),扑克牌的
Covers for tennis, table tennis, and badminton rackets, leather网球、乒乓球、羽毛球真皮拍套
Table mats, leather 桌垫,真皮制
Mats, chain link, leather真皮席(垫),链节制法
Floor and wall coverings, bovine (cattle) leather地板革和壁布,牛皮的
Tiles, bovine (cattle) leather, for floors and walls贴片,牛皮制,用于地板和墙壁
Carpets, bovine (cattle) leather地毯,牛皮的
Leather articles, stamped皮革制品,压花的
Leather covered or leather wrapped articles真皮做封面的或表面包着真皮的物品
Artistic and decorated articles, leather艺术品和装饰用品,真皮制
Belts, leather真皮皮带
Holsters and belts, leather手枪皮套和腰带,真皮制的
Cartridge belts, leather子弹带,真皮制
Waist and shoulder belts, leather腰带和背带,真皮的
Razor strops, leather磨剃刀的皮带
Labels, leather标签,真皮制
Sheaths, leather真皮鞘(套)
Handles and clasps, leather, to customer specification真皮把手(手柄)和钩子,按客户规格定制的
Saddlery, belts and straps, leather鞍具、腰带和皮带,真皮的
Tool and equipment belts, leather工具和设备带,真皮制
Thongs, leather缰绳,真皮制的
Saddles and girths, leather, for animals鞍具和肚带,真皮的,用于动物
Harnesses, leashes and requisites, leather, for animals马具、拴狗颈皮带和相关用品,真皮的,用于动物
Whips and crops, leather真皮皮鞭
Hunting and fishing articles, leather狩猎和钓鱼用具,真皮制的
Saddles, saddlebags and panniers, leather, for bicycles, motorcycles and scooters真皮鞍座、挂包和驮篮,用于自行车、摩托车
Pram equipment, reins and harnesses for babies and children, leather真皮背带和索绳,用于婴儿和儿童
Luggage straps, handles and case corners, leather旅行箱的背带、把手和护角,真皮制的
Buckle straps, leather, for ski boot toe clips带扣的真皮皮带,用于滑雪靴踏脚套
Grips, tacky leather, for sports goods手柄,胶粘皮革的,用于体育用品
Seat covers, lambskin座套,羊羔裘皮制
Accessories, leather, for awnings (straps, webbing, strengtheners)附件,真皮制的,用于遮阳篷
Invalid carriage equipment, leather伤残人士代步车辆用器材,真皮制的
Leather upholstery, aircraft真皮室内装饰品,用于飞机
Leather upholstery, motor vehicle真皮室内装饰品,用于汽车
Military and police goods and equipment, leather军警用品和设备,真皮制的
Padding, leather, for acoustic insulation填充物,真皮制的,用于隔音
Nosebands and brow bands, leather鼻羁和额革(笼头),真皮制
Bridles, reins, martingales马勒、缰绳、马颌缰
Breast-plates, leather (saddlery)胸垫,真皮制(鞍具)
Saddlery to customer specification鞍具,按客户规格定制的
Leather goods for industrial use工业用皮革制品
Belting, leather, power transmission传动带,皮革制
Belting, leather-balata, power transmission传动带,巴拉塔皮革制
Belting, leather, plastic faced, power transmission传动带,皮革制,塑料面的
Belting, leather-woven fabric, power transmission传动带,皮革-梭织布制
Belting, leather-metal, power transmission传动带,皮革-金属制
Ropes, leather, power transmission传动绳,皮革制
Conveyor belts, leather传送带,皮革制的
Conveyor buckets, leather传送桶,皮革制的
Bellows, leather风箱,皮革制的
Roller sleeves, leather滚子套管,皮革制
Grips and handles, leather, industrial拉手和把手,皮革制的,工业用的
Hoses, leather软管,皮革制
Cases, sheaths and covers, leather, industrial箱、鞘和套,皮革制的,工业用
Safety belts, leather, industrial安全带,皮革制,工业用
Friction rings, leather摩擦皮带,皮革制的
Washers, gaskets, seals and packings, leather垫圈、密封件和填料,皮革制的
Diaphragms, leather皮隔板
Components, leather, for pumps and hydraulic equipment部件,皮革制的,泵和液压设备用
Components, leather, for friction presses部件,皮革的,用于摩擦压力机
Clutch linings, leather离合器衬层,皮制的
Cords and twine, leather, for the textile industry绳索,皮革制,用于纺织工业
Straps, leather, for the textile industry带,皮革制的,纺织工业用
Combing plates, leather, for the textile industry精梳板,皮革制,纺织工业用
Pickers, leather, for the textile industry清棉器,皮革制,用于纺织工业
Rubbing cots, leather, for the textile industry搓条皮壳,皮革制,用于纺织工业
Twisting leathers for the textile industry螺旋拧皮革,用于纺织工业
Gill box leathers for the textile industry针梳机皮革,用于纺织工业
Combing leathers for the textile industry精梳机用皮革,用于纺织工业
Drawing frame leathers for the textile industry穿经架皮革,用于纺织工业
Loom leathers, weaving织机打梭革,编制的
Strips, leather, for card dividers, textile industry绳带,皮革制,用于纺织业粗梳分割
Spinning cots, leather转辊皮壳,皮革制
Spinning roller sleeves, leather转辊皮套,皮革制


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