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  • It is a optical filter which reflects the heat (Infrared light) generated from UV lamp and penetrates only UV light to the object so as to maximize the UV curing effect. It is also an optical filter sputtering materials which have various optical properties such as TiO2 and SiO2 in multi-layers on pure Quartz by 99.98% such that it decreases temperature of the objective by reflecting the heat line and penetrating UV light. The heat generated from UV lamp is removed first by penetrating the Cold Mirror and UV is penetrated to the product while the heat penetrated from the lamp to the product directly shall be reflected from the Hot Mirror and UV shall be penetrated to the product such that UV efficiency is maximized. The heat generated from the lamp lighting shall be discharged to outside as much as applicable, and makes only UV light penetrate into the products that it minimizes the deformation of the object by heat.