Description of the Product

Fullerene is the most powerful antioxidant on the earth, the effect is 172 times of Vitamin. Fullerene can scavenge free radicals. 
Free radical is the key cause of aging and cancer, and related to most skin problems. 
So with the removal of free radicals, it can slow down wrinkles and pigmentation. 
Fullerene helps increase the skin barrier and has the anti-bacterial function.

5pcs / $24
10pcs / $43

Price of the Product

From 24.00 USD

Characteristics of the Product

  • Type Sheet
  • Model Fullerene Mask
  • Power Anti-aging, whitening effect
  • Size 14*20
  • Weight 20g
  • Composition 1 pack - 5sheet
  • Brand Dr.C60

Technical Details

Five types of Fullerene mask packs are natural mask packs containing green grade natural ingredients such as Fullerene and EWG that have antioxidant effects.Fullerene packs give many effects.
Fullerene time-reversal mask pack manages and soothes skin troubles.
Fullerene royal beauty mask pack manages skin elasticity.
Fullerene makeover mask pack manages skin whitening.
Fullerene ultra-calming manages miniaturization and oil-moisture balance.
Fullerene link solution mask pack manages wrinkle and skin texture.
All five Fullerene mask packs are made of soft superfine-fiber sheet and contain a lot of essences, moisturizing the skin deeply for a long time.