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Decorative hard coatings
  • Decorative hard coatings
We offer hard and abrasion-resistant coatings for metal finishing.

Description of the Service

We offer hard and abrasion-resistant coatings for metal finishing.

Price of the Service

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Technical Details

Our specially developed hard coatings (metal ceramics) are highly resistant in practical use, easy to clean and can be sterilised in the case of surgical instruments. Wear-resistant coatings are employed for watch components, spectacle frames, surgical instruments and implants, writing instruments, aerospace components, jewellery, etc.
The PVD-coating may be applied to the entire surface or to selected areas, and is suitable for stainless steel, titanium as well as appropriately prepared brass or nickel silver.
We are able to produce a wide range of different colours based on coating materials such as titanium or zirconium:
• Yellow: light yellow to red gold
• Blue: light blue to dark blue
• Grey: light grey to anthracite-black
• Brown: light brown to dark brown
• Copper-coloured
• Interference colours such as violet, green, red, etc.
Hard colours in soft shades!

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