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Company Name : WIZCHEM CO., LTD. Official Website : (EN) (KR) Certification : 1. Thailand sanitation permit: 20 items 2. UAE DMA certification: 9 items 3. European CPNP Certification: 12 items 4. Registered China CFDA: 9 items (in progress) Main Products : Regeneration, anti-aging, skin barrier, whitening function - clinical cosmetics for damaged, aging, sunburn, dry & sensitive skins 1. GluCA Clinic Line (4-piece) 2. GluCA White Line (5-Piece) 3. GluCA Transderm Patch (3-Piece) Company Information : Based on the stabilization, formulation, and evaluation of various skin physiologically active substances derived from skin cells and natural ingredients, WIZCHEM Co., Ltd. has been developing and manufacturing Bio-Medi cosmetics with excellent effects on restoration, regeneration, anti-aging, anti-inflammation, anti-acne and moisturizing effects. We will do our best to realize a new and better life by realizing new beauty and value through deep research on skin and natural products. Product Description : 1. GluCA Clinic Line 4-Piece / restoration of damaged & trouble skin 1) Product Features : GluCA Clinic Line is dedicated to hospitals, pharmacies and skin care shops, making it the best formula for damage, sunburn and aging skin. GluCA Self-Restoration and Ionic Balance Formula Technology help recover damaged skin quickly and keep it healthy and beautiful. 2. GluCA White Line 5-Piece /whitening & anti-wrinkle of melanized & aging skin 1)Product Features: GluCA White Line is an innovative formula for whitening, improving wrinkles and preventing aging. The natural whitening components of GluCA White formula keeps skin tone uniform, clear and transparent. And also GluCA Restoration 3. GluCA Transderm Patch 3-Piece 1)Product Features: ① madecassoside provide more effective delivery of active ingredients, helping to improve wrinkles in the affected areas. ② Fast transmittance and excellent delivery power using spear-type structure No matter how good the line segment is in the cream you are applying, it is useless if it cannot reach your skin.The skin is the outermost stratum corneum, protecting it from the outside, and this role prevents the absorption of active ingredients. The GluCA TRANSDERM Patch uses microstructures to deliver effective ingredients directly into the skin, exerting immediate efficacy.

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Company Name : Candyspeedkorea Co.,Ltd

Official Website : 
(EN) (under construction)

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Main Products : Hair Color

Company Information : 
Candy Speed Korea is a manufacturing and sales company specializing in hair dye products.
Candy Speed 1 Minute Hair Color of Candy Speed Korea is a hypoallergenic product that can be dyed at a fast rate of 1 minute after a long development. 
It is a hair dye that removes odors and itches and is soft and gentle, and it can be both Clinic and Dyeing.

Product Description : 
Safety: Low PH compared to normal dyeing drugs reduces damage and does not use ammonia, resulting in no irritation (ph 6.7 level compared to ph 10.5 to 11.0 standard dyeing products)
Speed: Patent (Hair dye composition, No. 10-0633439) technology allows the dye to be quickly penetrated and naturally dyed in the desired color within 1 to 2 minutes (different by color) (individual difference)
Treatment Effect: Natural oil and natural plant extracts keep hair smooth after dyeing
3N dark brown, 4N natural brown, 5N bright brown, and 5RN red brown, so you have a wide choice.

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