Brush Set (DUALIST Brush Set) of JC Cosmetic


Description of the Product

 High Quality Synthetic Hair DUAL Brushes
9 High-end Functional Brushes with 5 Light-weight Handles
       1. Contour Brush
       2. Eyeliner + Medium Shadow Brush
       3. Base Shadow + Eyehole Brush
       4. Blending + Point Shadow Brush
       5. Mascara + Eyebrow Brush
 - Competent Details enhancing Makeup Technique
 - Compact-sized Pouch + Banding + View Mirror
 - Names are shown on the handles so easy to classify the usage

*Detail :
Bristle: Synthetic hair
Ferrule: Aluminium (Black Chrome)
Handle: Plastic
Pouch: Twill fabric (21cm×9.5cm

Price of the Product

From 7.40 AED