Price of the Product

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Characteristics of the Product

  • Type Baby Mattress
  • Model Berfa Baby Mattress
  • Power Cusotmized
  • Size Customized
  • Dimension Csutomized
  • Weight Customized
  • Composition Customized
  • Material Customized
  • Shape Customized
  • Color Customized
  • Brand Berfa Baby Mattress
  • Guarantee 5
  • Reference Baby Mattress
  • Norm/Standard International Standarts

Technical Details

Product Name Baby Mattress & Baby Bedding
Mattress Bonnel-Spring-Mattress-Pocket-Spring-Mattress-Visco-Mattress-Roll-Pack-Mattress-Latex-Mattress-Bed-Sets-Mattress-Hotel-Mattress-Baby-Mattress-Base-Heads-Pillow-Quilt-Undersheet-Mattress-Cover-Foam-Mattress-Pull-out-Roll-Away-Mattress
Colours All Colour Options , Customized Designs 
Quality First Quality Roll Pack Mattress 
Density Range Customized 
Thickness Range Customized 
Production Type Roll Pack Mattress 
Packing Type By First Class Cartoon and Nylon Packing 
Production Capacity 10.000 Pcs. Per Week 
Delivery Time 7-10 Days 
Shipment By By Vessels , By 20 ft. , By 40 Hc. , By Trucks , By Air Cargo , By DHL 
40 Hc. Loading Capacity 22.000 kg 
20 Ft. Loading Capacity 15.000 kg 
Tolerance  - / + %10
Life Time 10-15 Years 
Certificates CE , TSE 

Category of the Product

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Description of the Product

Berfa Group is one of the biggest manufacturers/exporters For Mattress & Bed industry in Turkey and we have been manufacturing and exporting in many countries for more than a decade. Our wide product range includes Mattress  , Bed , Foam Mattress , Spring Mattress , Pocket Spring Mattress,  Visco Mattress , Latex Mattress  .We can produce customized models & designs with customer`s special sizes & colours & design requirement. We are trying to provide best Mattress & Bed solution for our valuable customers. Our main targets are the most quick design graffic, the best quality of mattress , the fastest delivery time of mattress and bedding and the best price of mattress .
Berfa Group is one of the biggest Mattress and Bedding Manufacurer & Supplier in all over the world.Also we have many solutions for Mattress industry & Bedding industry.Berfa Group is your international reliable solution partner.Berfa Group is active Turkish Exporter and we are working with many well known Mattress & Bedding Companies in all over the world.Please find below here more details about Berfa Group Mattress and Bedding for Mattress & Bedding industries.Bonnel-Spring-Mattress-Pocket-Spring-Mattress-Visco-Mattress-Roll-Pack-Mattress-Latex-Mattress-Bed-Sets-Mattress-Hotel-Mattress-Baby-Mattress-Base-Heads-Pillow-Quilt-Undersheet-Mattress-Cover-Foam-Mattress-Pull-out-Roll-Away-Mattress