3NC Tri-Valve, Non-Contact Glue Station of Valco Melton Spain


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Description of the Product

The 3NC Tri-Valve non-contact glue station eliminates product skew and features a tip-sealer design that prevents nozzle plugging during periods of down time.  3NC is equipped with three, 524 series, all-electric glue valves (up to 4 valves per side), which offer a ceramic seat and plunger tip for extended service life with less maintenance. Other features include:
  • Staggered pattern starts to match lead and trail tab angle, even in “auto-glue” system mode
  • Status of the full valve and tip-sealer can be viewed on Valco Melton’s OT-120 touchscreen control
  • Inside/outside gluing from one side of the machine using the high speed, all electric model 900 Series Valve
  • Flexibility to apply primarily top down, non-contact with the option to apply contact, bottom up when required

Price of the Product

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