1_Wet/Dry Electrostatic Precipitator | Dry Electrostatic Precipitator of Kunwoo Technology Environment Inc.


Description of the Product

When sub-particles enter the ion emitter that emits ion current in high voltage, they are coagulated with other particles floating around them by a pair of high-efficiency electrode (from other manufacturer) in the electric field and collected by the pocket-shaped collecting plate.

This pocket-shaped collecting chamber uses 2 electrode and is designed to prevent diffusion. 
​It is capable of removing micro particles that often passes other dust collecting systems and is effective to use on various dust generating facilities, such as semiconductor facilities, power generators, steam supply coal or oil boilers, cement furnaces, glass melting furnaces, ironmaking/steelmaking furnaces, chemical or other incinerators, etc.

It is generally more effective for collecting small particles whose dust size is 10-20㎛ or smaller. 

This system uses double-electrode discharge Horizontal Type Electric honeycomb seperator and Corona discharge in low voltage (approx. 60-100Kvp) to convert sub-particles (dust) to (+)or (-) and uses the electrostatic force to collect them onto the collecting plate.

KUNWOO Technologies corp has supplies more than 200 electrostatic precipitators in Korea and is growing into the top maker in Korea with advanced technologies and know-how to protect the atmospheric environment.

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

- Removesa Kiln Dust & Smoke sub-particles.
- Designed to minimize space consumption.
- Low loss of pressure to save cost of operation and maintenance.
- Appropriate materials can be selected for the quality of exhaust gas for
- Almost perfect anti-corrosion property.
- Operates in high temperature.
- Able to remove up to 99.999% Kiln Dust & Smoke.
- Almost permanent acid-resistant and water-resistant materials.