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Reference : 0004553004

Classification: Equipment for digital networks


January 13, 2022

Hello,The reason of my email is because I am trying to find a HDD supplier for hard disk drive of 320G and 500G, Could you help me to choose a good supplier with Good Price? I would like to buy a sample before buy in masive quantity. Please tell me how you can help me?
Reference : 0004386195

Classification: Electronic power supplies


October 29, 2021

Input: 100V-240VAC Output: 5VDC 1A

Classification: Pressure regulating and controlling instruments


October 25, 2021

Gentlemen Please provide us with a price quote for the device Model: XMB726966VPHZ Range 1 : 0.00 - 4.00 MPa Range 2 : 0.0 - 40.0 t/h Acuracy : 0.5 % No. 1006072908483 - 2

Classification: Headphones


October 23, 2021

Dear representative, I'm interested to become a distributor for the following product: Tsinghua Biaolong Ermaitong sleep aid Model: SM-02A Power supply: DC4.5V
Reference : 0004330061

Classification: Measuring instruments for electromagnetic waves


October 4, 2021

Hi I am Ali, a Ph. D. student at Amirkabir University of Tehran I need a pre-invoice to buy two power meters.PowerMax-RS PS19Q and PM150-50C Can you help me?


Reference : 0004318310

Classification: Electric generators


September 28, 2021

Dear Sir, Mrs. Please submit your best price on Items or Services listed CENTRIFUGAL FIRE PUMP TYPE XBC-1S125-100-400 ITEM PART NO IMPELLER JM-125-100-400-02 SHAFT SLEEVE JM-125-100-400-03 MACHINERY SEAL JM-125-100-400-04 MACHINERY SEAL COVER JM-125-100-400-05 OIL SEAL JM-125-100-400-06 BEARING JM-125-100-400-07 SHAFT COUPLING JM-125-100-400-09 ORING JM-125-100-400-11 SHAFT JM-125-100-400-13
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