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Reference : 0004205279

Classification: Telephones


July 14, 2021

Hi my name is Brandon Banks and for the past couple years I have been studying and formulating a plan to create and build my business I just recently filled for my LLC, so I can finally put my plans in motion and accomplish the goals I've worked so hard to achieve my original goal was to start a drop shipping store but along the way I have come to realize that my true goal is to supply these stores along with other consumers, so I am contacting you today in hopes to connect with manufacturers of electronics and clothes/shoe industries to fulfill the needs of the company that I'm building I know I'm just starting out and probably don't match up to your typical supplier or any standards you may have, but I am very dedicated, hardworking, and I catch on to things quicker than most not to sound arrogant, but I know My worth and how capable I am and all I need is one opportunity to succeed, so I'm hoping that I may find that opportunity here and if you give me the chance I'll show you what I'm made of, and you have my word I won't let you down, so thank you for your consideration and I look forward to working with you.
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