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Find the right sales leads!

With more than 11.6 million companies and 60 search criteria, our global B2B database, EasyBusiness, will help you find the right customer leads and marketing lists.

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Need help with finding prospects?

EasyList is our straightforward on demand tool designed to help you build personalised company lists from a global database of 11.6 million companies.

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Build your free company profile!

If you are looking to expand into new markets or want to grow your sales activity, then register your company free of charge on the global Kompass B2B directory.

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Engage your target audience!

Engage your target audience and attract new business leads using the our global online digital directory. With over 7.5m visitors per month from 69 countries worldwide, let us improve your SEO and increase your customer traffic.

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Promotional solutions

Attract relevant enquiries!

Build, enhance and manage your company profile to attract visitors instantly. Use our PPC experts to help drive relevant enquiries through to your profile – cost effective, managed and GUARANTEED.

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Partnership Opportunities

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Use Kompass data in real time with your SalesForce CRM. Instead of spending months integrating legacy systems, you can easily display Kompass data in your CRM.

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Terms and Conditions

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E-mail directory
a single e-mail database to target accurately

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Your needs...

• 'I want to launch a large-scale e-mail campaign in the agribusines sector...'

• 'I want to exclusively target executives companies for my next commercial e-mailing initiative. I need to have a qualified address file with a maximum deliverability rate.'

• 'Each week I send a series of e-mails to my leads. I would like to have a customised e-mail directory that is updated constantly to optimise my targeting.'

• 'I want a personalised e-mail directory so that I can initiate a prospecting campaign at any time based on my marketing strategy.'

E-mail directory

• With EasyList and its expanded version EasyBusiness, access 5 million businesses and more than 11 million name-specific e-mail addresses for senior executives and operational decision-makers.
• All you do is save your custom e-mail directory in the 'Your Account' space for unlimited use according to the frequency of your sales and direct marketing campaigns.
• Conduct a search by country, region, business sector, turnover, etc.
• Count on a 96% deliverability rate to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of your e-mail campaigns.
• Make the most of personalised tools to analyse the effectiveness of your e-mail campaigns:

  • > Create a campaign from start to finish: targeting, creation and dispatch
  • > Mail Checker to check your e-mail contact list
  • > Daily updates to database
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