Threestar Co., Ltd.

Food Container / Camping cookware / Emergency cookware / Heating Pack

#551, Gyong-in center, 20, Baekbeom-ro 577beon-gil, Bupyeong-gu
Incheon 21449
South Korea

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food, cook, heating pack, cooking pot, walkingcook, cookware, kitchen, PumpnLock, emergency cookware, camping equipment, camping, stainless steel pot  

# Company Introduction 
The world is wide and there are many things to do. Threestar Co.,Ltd pays respect to such practical and right words and it's challenging to reach out to the world. We are living in a world increasingly heading toward the era of ideas overflowing with conveniences and values of life Herein, Threestar Co.,Ltd is a company that has been silently taking the road not taken for several years. During the trials of hardship and distress due to products not attempted by others, we were able to boldly present to the world with our numerous products with the support of our customer's unstinted encouragements and buyers' preferences; thus, we would like to bring together the pleasures of today and share them with our customers. 

# Main Product 
1) Walking Cook 
2) PumpnLock 
3) Heating pack 

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Company keywords

food container
cooking pot
camping equipment
emergency cookware
heating pack
stainless steel pot
outdoor cookware
walking cook

General Information

Year established 2014
Co.Registration No 121-86-36172
Corporate capital 100,000 USD
Type of company Head Office
Fax +82 32 766 8775


  • Walkingcook  (Producer / Exporter)

  • Pump&Lock  (Producer / Exporter)

    Food container

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Area : North America, Asia-Pacific, West. Europe
Country : United States, Hong Kong, Germany

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    4 Employees

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    4 Employees


  • 2018

    200,000 USD

  • 2017

    200,000 USD

  • 2016

    150,000 USD

  • 2015

    80,000 USD

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Executive information

Chang gi Park

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Yeajin Park

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