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Pharmanuco co.

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Gangwon-do 26395
South Korea

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# Company Introduction
Pharmanuco is a company that manufactures and distributes health foods, functional cosmetics and sports careproducts.
It has been developing andmarketing brands that suitthe needs and trends of consumers since itsestablishment in 2000. 'PHARMA' symbolizes pharmaceutics, 'NU' represents nutritious foods, and'CO' represents cosmetics to symbolize the direction in which Pharmanuco is aiming for.
'Pharmanuco' has beenestablishing marketing strategies that suit each brand and is leadingthe market through various sales channels, both online and offline. 'Pharmanuco' intends to take a bold step further into the global marketbased on this expertise.
'Pharmanuco co.' has specialized in branding and marketing unique items with our strong sales network throughon-line and off-line market. The annual sales volume has been over 2 million USD in 20015 and we expect more in the future.

# Main Product of Pharmanuco Co., Ltd

- This water-soluble sports recovery gel provides strong cool-down effects on tired muscles, joints or irritated and heated areas, delivers vitality and facilitates the quick recovery of all areas.
- This sports recovery gel provides strong cool-down effects on tired muscles/joints or irritated and heated areas after exercise or daily activities, and facilitates quickrecovery. It healthily and effectively helps those who enjoy extreme sports, fitness, hiking or cycle exercise through its rapid cool-down effects.
- Arnica Montana Flower Extract, which is a substance effective for infections and blood circulationand is used for treatmentof injuries, relieves skin stress and skin damage caused by unexpected external irritation or impact during sportsactivities.
- Licorice Extract, which soothes the skin and has anti-inflammatory effects,and Aloe Extract, which supplies the tired skin with moisture, makes rough skin moist and smooth, and minimizes skin irritation.


- Sports recovery gel that provides warm-up effects andspecialized active ingredients on tired and stiff muscles, joints or areas of chronic pain, and facilitates the quick recovery of all areas.
- This sports recovery gel provides warm, hot pack effects on tired and stiff muscles/joints and facilitates a quick recovery. When evenly applied on areas with frequent movement such as stiff muscles/joints before exercise, it quickly warms up the body to prevent injuries and when applied on areas of chronic pain, elbows or bruised areas, it improves blood circulationto aid in a quick recovery.
- 'Acetylglucosamine', which is a functional ingredient that aids in 'jointand cartilage health' and 'skinmoisture', and 'Magnesium', which improves muscle relaxation and pain, supplies specialized nutrients to joints with discomfort and helps with pain relief due to chronic arthritis including muscle pain and neuralgia during exercise with its interaction with the hot pack effect.

* Various versions of the product have been launched such as the easy, one-touch tube type (120ml), economical, large-size pumping type (500ml) or roll-on type that can be applied without using the hands and therefore, it can be used conveniently depending on the area and situation.

General Information

Year established 2000
Co.Registration No 226-04-20213
Type of company Head Office
Fax +82 70 4275-5940
Website http://www.aquacool.co.kr/en_index.html

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