Hwang Geum Dong

From Jun 16, 2022 to Jul 11, 2023

Hwang Geum Dong is an eco-friendly fertilizer manufactured using patented technology. It is a fertilizer for pest control that can replace chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This product has been certified by the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service (NAQS) in Korea, so it can be used safely. Hwnag Geum Dong contains sulfur and neem oil as main raw materials, so it suppresses the spawning of pests, reduces the number of pests, is effective in inhibiting bacteria, fungi and viruses caused by high temperature and humidity, and helps in growth and development. Hwang Geum Dong is economical and competitively priced compared to other products because it is inexpensive and can be used with a small capacity.  This product can be used for crops that are about to be shipped without leaving traces after fertilizer treatment, and users can use it conveniently and efficiently because no sediment is formed even when stored for a long time.


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