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Niebuhr Gears A/S

La Cours Vej 8
7430 Ikast

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Niebuhr Gears A/S is a leading manufacturer - supplying gearwheels to all industries.
In all sizes from Ø10 MM to Ø6.000 MM

Niebuhr Gears A/S is a contract manufacturer producing gearwheels, etc. for machinery
manufacturers in the graphics, construction, tile, ship building, pump and wind turbine
industries and many others.
We are producing in Denmark and in China.

Additional index words
Cylindrical gears
Bevel gears
Spiral bevel gears
Worm gears and wheels
Heavy duty gears
Cylindrical profile grinding

General Information

Year established 1971
Corporate capital 500,000 DKK
Type of company Head Office
VAT DK71150712
Fax +45 96 60 50 51
Website http://niebuhr.dk

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Area : Asia-Pacific, South America, North America, West. Europe, Central/East Europe, Central Asia
Country : Brazil, Italy, France, China, United States, India, Finland, Poland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands


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    ISO 9001

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    135 Employees

Executives Niebuhr Gears A/S

Executive information

Rasmus Niebuhr

CEO - Chief Executive Officer (Administrerende direktør)

Mogens Filtenborg

Chairman (Bestyrelsesformand)

Per Thy Sørensen

Director (Bestyrelsesmedlem)

Rasmus Holt Niebuhr

Director (Bestyrelsesmedlem)

Michael Sørensen

Director (Bestyrelsesmedlem)

Else Rasmussen

Director (Bestyrelsesmedlem)

Karsten Møller

Purchasing Director/Manager (Indkøb)

Henrik Vinge

Sales Director/Manager (Salg)

Thomas Rohde

Production Director/Manager (Produktion)

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  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Service provider

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