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Company Summary

Nationwide Financial Network, formerly Nationwide Provident, provides life insurance, annuities, and group pension products.
Nationwide Financial Network and its affiliates provide products such as life insurance, group pensions, and fixed and variable annuities. Through 1717 Capital Management, the company also offers brokerage services and such financial products as brand name mutual funds and equities. Nationwide Financial Network markets its products to individuals, small businesses, and corporations throughout the US; distribution channels include career agents, independent broker/dealers, and a pension sales force. It is part of Nationwide Financial Services' family of life insurance and financial services.

General Information

Key figures


  • Company

    0-9 Employees


  • 2014

    Under 500 000 USD


Executive information

  • Robert C. Thompson


  • F. L.

    VP HR; VP Human Resources

  • J. D.

    VP and Controller

  • K. M.


  • M. A.


  • N. M.


  • R. E.

    Retirement Servic...

  • G. B.

    Regional Vice Pre

  • S. C.

    Managing Partner

  • J. M.

    Managing Partner

  • C. N.

    Managing Partner

  • A. O.

    Managing Partner

  • D. S.


  • A. F.

    Executive Vice President

  • D. B.

    Purchasing Executive


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