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Lumos Candle's LUMOS CANDLE is the world��s first auto-ignition candle. When you light a candle, it is common for your hand to get burned or hurt, and you cannot light a candle unless you have an ignition tool.

# Main products [auto-ignition candles]
2) Soy candle
3) Gift candle
4) Unique candle
5) Interesting candle
6) Auto-ignition candle

1) Wild Hosta
2) Clean Cotton
3) Peach
4) Citronella
5) Fresh Lavender
6) Love in Summer
7) Orangeade
8) Non-scented


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# The World's Fisrt Auto-ignition Candle
Lumos Candle��s LUMOS CANDLE is the world��sfirst auto-ignition candle. When you light a candle, it is common foryour hand to get burned or hurt, and you cannot light a candle unlessyou have an ignition tool. On the other hand, LUMOS CANDLE lights up just by pressing its button. Even if you have difficulty using a lighter or are uncomfortable with your hands, you can easily light it. You can enjoy the candle more safely and comfortably.

LUMOS CANDLE is a handmade soy candle with fresh ingredients. All products are made of high quality soy wax and selected fragrance oil without using paraffin. The refill candle can be easily inserted and removed from the pad. So, if you have used up your candle or want to use a different fragrance, you can remove the existing refill candle and place a new refill candle on the pad, then you can use it right away. LUMOS CANDLE is designed as a form of pad to minimize shaking. The refill candle can fit into the pad stably so that it is safe for rocking. Additionallya lighter is a consumable item, but the LUMOS PAD can be used semi-permanently with a built-in rechargeable battery. You can use it for more than four months once it is fully charged (Based on use of four times a day).

# About LUMOS CANDLE Co., Ltd
LUMOS CANDLE Co., Ltd., as a start-up company, was established in November, 2016. InJuly 2017, we have succeeded in launching the first one-touchautomatic ignition candle in the world, and are currently developing a smart candle capable of connecting with smart phones. We aim to build a more convenient and safer life culture through the smartization ofeveryday things, and we are striving to develop smart products for everyday things that people need. In addition, we ultimately aim to provide safetyand environment-friendly services based on big data acquired through IoT of smart products with sensors.

LUMOS CANDLE, which hasbeen approved as a venture company, has received great interest in technology and products from home and abroad. In the case of domestic, reward-funding succeeded with a high success rate of 340% through Wadizcrowdfunding in May 2017, LUMOS CANDLE has proven its distinctivenessby winning the Grand Prize at the Regional Entrepreneur League Competition and the achievement of the Challenging K-Startup Finals(100 teams selected at a competition rate of 40 to 1). Currently, we are also receiving continuous love calls from many buyers including USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and so forth.

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Year established 2016
Co.Registration No 893-86-00425
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Fax +82 41 852-3400
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Oct 2 2018
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