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1605 W Valley Blvd
Suite 3634
Alhambra 91803
United States

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Local Finder is a B2B and B2C marketing agency based in Los Angeles specialized in
  • Blog content provider for B2B or B2C,
  • Online marketing development,
  • Wordpress,
  • SEO,
  • SEM optimisation,
  • Business video production,
  • Video marketing,
  • Video SEO,
  • Data-driven marketing,
  • Business branding,
  • content automation,
  • E-books writing,
  • Social media marketing,
  • Social media optimization,
  • Email onboarding. 

General Information

Year established 2015
Type of company Head Office
Website http://www.localfinder.biz


  • Local-Finder  (Producer)

    B2B and B2C Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, we craft great and useful digital contents that grow businesses. Local Finder is a full-servicedigital marketing agency in Los Angeles. We offer SEO and paid search, SEM, digital media & video production. 

    B2B Marketing Agency – Local Finder does  B2B content marketing and  B2B digital marketing for technology and service companies.

    Content marketing works well for B2B because it starts with what your visitors need to know instead of what you have to tell them.

    If you want to succeed in lead nurturing, SEO, social media, email marketing and outbound marketing. this is what works.


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  • Company

    10-19 Employees


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Executive information

  • Patrick Barbara



  • Mr. Thomas Ferriere


    English, France

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Press Releases Service For B2B Businesses

October 30, 2017

Get your website featured on High Authority Websites like The Boston Globe, ABC, Fox & more!

We use your business news or any event and turn it into a Press Release.
Once you land these famous websites, you can put these logos on your site in a “featured by” section or directly on your landing webpage.  You will get massive credibility and social proof.

What is the turnaround time?
It usually takes between 2-5 days and then 7 to 10 days for the distribution.

Writing & Distribution
100% US writers will write a high-quality press release. We will distribute the press release to our network including the Associated Press. ( Click Here to download a list of our network)